Won`t accept binding climate commitment until India, China: US

The US says it will not accept legally binding commitment until it is done equally by India, China.

Washington: The US has said it would not undertake legally binding commitment on emission cuts until it is done symmetrically by fast developing countries like India and China.
"It`s not so much that we`re calling on China or India to make legally binding commitments right now. What we`re saying is we will do legally binding commitments only if they are symmetrical, if the emerging market countries do that also," Special US Envoy on Climate Change, Todd Stern told at a news briefing, his first after the recent Cancun Climate Change Conference.

The US position on China is that it needs to make significant reductions in its emissions, he said.

"But for China or other developing countries, at this stage those are going to be relative reductions. Those are going to be reductions against the so-called business-as- usual path that they would be on," he noted.

Stern also hailed India for its role in bringing solutions to difficult issues at the recently concluded UN climate change conference while remaining "faithful" to its own national interests.


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