Industry-focused management training

Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management (TSCFM), is offering industry-tailored programmes to create job ready candidates. Prachi Rege gets the details

In order to help the various industries to have employable candidates, the Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management (TSCFM), has launched new courses which covers various sectors. "Graduates straight out of college, join the sales department of a company. Most of them lack the necessary skills needed for the job. However, in today's fast-paced job-world, this is not acceptable," reflects Akhil Shahani, managing director, TSCFM point out the reason why the Centre is offering a post graduate diploma in sales management. Students who are looking to make a career in sales could consider this programme which promises to hone selling skills straight with help from industry experts.

Admission schedule for a professional diploma in media management and a course in banking management will be also announced in the coming months. While the former seeks to create professionals for the media industry, the latter will provide entry level employees for both public and private sector banks. A one -year part-time entrepreneurship management programme is specially launched for working professionals who have an idea but don't know how to execute it.

Today, employers world over hire graduates who communicate well, have a presentable personality and display leadership qualities. Keeping these soft skills in mind the Centre, for all its courses, admits students after assessing their psychometric test scores. This spells out their appitude for the course. "If found unfit in the test for the particular programme, we inform the concerned student that he/ she should not sign up for the same and also provide the suitable alternative." informs Shahani.

Besides the new courses,TSCFM has been offering other post graduate diplomas and professional courses, since its inception three years ago. A post graduate diploma in business management from the Association of Business Executives (UK), is suitable for those aspiring employment in the business management field on a global platform. "The Association has recruiters from 56 countries under its ageis. So the world is an oyster for our business management graduates when it comes to securing a job," says Shahani. In the last three years, the Centre has managed to secure placement for 25 per cent of its graduates after their three month internship programme.

Real Estate is buzzing and also looking for professionally skilled agents who know everything from the hot properties in town to the latest in the legal and financial property matters. For those who are working as real estate agents the Centre's four-month part-time Professional Diploma in Real Estate Management (PDREM) is definitely a calling.

Shahani decided to offer the Smart Entrepreneurship programme, following his experience as the member of Indian Angel Network. "Out of the 4,000 business plans submitted to us, only 16 where selected to get seed funding. The ones who didn't make it, lacked a concrete plan and ability to grow their idea or company," he explains. This one-year programme is ideal for those who want to be mentored toward using their ideas and converting them into concrete ventures and expand them over a period of time. After first three months of mentoring, the participants are made to apply the business tricks in their venture and then report back to mentors with results. "Building a venture can't be taught, it has to be applied practically, hence, we have spread the course over a period of one year," points out Shahani.

1) Students of the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from the Association of Business Executives (UK) have a Corporate Readiness Score that tracks their development of industry skills and knowledge matched to what recruiters want.

2) The Professional Diploma in Media Management will get you access to online study material from Harvard Business School

3) The Professional Diploma in Real Estate Management (PDREM) is also open to professionals from the allied sectors like Banking, finance, insurance etc.,


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