One programme! One Faculty! Three Campuses

Wherever you study- London, Chicago Hong Kong, Chicago Booth School of Business will help you experience their culture of inquiry and innovation. The author gives you a gist on this Executive MBA or EMBA programme

Wherever you study- London, Chicago Hong Kong, Chicago Booth School of Business will help you experience their culture of inquiry and innovation. The author gives you a gist on this Executive MBA or EMBA programme

For working professionals and managers who are looking to raise their education and revitalise their career mobility without interrupting their careers, enrolling in an Executive MBA (EMBA) programme can be transformational. Studying whilst you remain in full-time employment enables you not only to improve your workplace performance but also allows you to apply each new classroom concept with direct relevance to you and your organisation.

Keeping this in mind, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Asia) is offering a unique part time EMBA programme that provides working executives timeless business fundamentals and discipline-based education. “Our EMBA Programme is designed to allow experienced working professionals to earn a prestigious MBA degree and network without interrupting their career. It will enable them to leap from an expert in a specific area to a more successful well-rounded thinker and leader,” informs Richard Johnson, managing director, Executive MBA Programme- Asia, University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

What makes this EMBA programme unique is that it offered in three different campuses around the world – Chicago, London and Hong Kong. “The programme offered in our Hong Kong campus is the same programme that we offer in our Chicago and London campuses meaning you will be taught by the same faculty will be flown down from Chicago, get the same academic standard, same MBA degree (not an EMBA degree) as students studying on our campus in Chicago,” informs Johnson adding, “This makes the programme truly global as students spend 1/3 of their time in the programme taking classes and studying with talented executives not just from their campus, but from our other two campuses as well – representing over 50 countries and nearly every industry and job function imaginable.”

During the 21-month programme, students will attend 16 full-day weeks of classes consisting of three weeks in Chicago, one week in London and 2 weeks in Hong Kong. “This format allows students enrolled in the Hong Kong campus to study and network with their classmates in the Chicago and London campuses who are taking the same Executive MBA programme,” he adds

This cross country programme automatically makes its students a part of the alumni network worldwide including many thousands of C-suite level executives. “This means that our students and alumni have a pool of valuable resources to help them open doors to business opportunities almost anywhere in the world. For example, if an alumnus needs a job/job reference, investors/clients or just wants to talk about various business issues from different cultures and perspectives, they can tap on their global alumni network,” guides Johnson.

The EMBA general management curriculum is designed to refresh, expand, and strengthen students grounding in the fundamental disciplines of business so that they are better equipped on the job and in the future. “They will gain the business tools and analytical thinking necessary to be able to put everything together- the economics of HR, the financial business case, writing skills, brand strategy, and negotiation techniques as just a few examples,” informs Johnson.

The aim is to teach students how business work, how markets function, allocation of capital and decision making. Each student then selects between three to five electives to complete their course of study. “They can use these electives to continue their general management learning or to gain more in-depth knowledge of a particular discipline. This format encourages students to build camaraderie and share experiences which is a valuable component of the learning process,” he adds.

In a nutshell, the Chicago Booth Executive MBA programme helps managers acquire new set of skills, a new network and the confidence necessary to pursue even greater career opportunities going forward. "Interaction between fellow class mates and professors both inside and outside the class rooms were intellectually stimulating and yet related to real life situations. The course made me more confident as an individual to face any challenges thrown at me. When faced with a difficult situation, I am aware that I am equipped with tools and frameworks that can help me find solutions to such situations," says Bamasish Paul, senior vice president, Brookfield Asset Management, India

Rajesh Ganesh, VP, supply chain- India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd also agrees, “It's an exhilarating environment where conventional wisdom is always challenged and ideas debated on merit with compelling evidence/data. All this is facilitated by world class faculty in a class room full of experienced managers and leaders with diverse background and culture,” he says adding, “The booth experience has thought me the value of marrying intuition with compelling evidence, which leads to better decision making. The continuous search to find better, innovative ways to overcome challenges and organise scare resources to deliver greater value for stakeholders in the shortest possible time. The experience has made me a better leader,” he signs off.