Students to benefit with scholarship worth USD 12.5 million

The Mahindra College recently announced the UWC Davis Mahindra Scholarship. While UWC International patron, Shelby MC Davis will contribute USD7.5 million, Anand Mahindra, Governor of UWC Mahindra College will contribute USD 5 million making the entire scholarship worth USD 12.5 million. This will support 50 new scholarships each year, 25 of which will be for Indian students and 25 for students selected by UWC national committees world over.

Speaking about the kind of candidates the scholarship is seeking for the 2014-15 batch, Vinay Jawahar, Head of Admissions, UWC Mahindra College says, “We want to reach students who are convinced that, armed with the right tools, they can be effective agents of change no matter what they choose to do.” Pelham Lindfield Roberts, Head of College, UWC Mahindra College, adds, "Within India, we want to select students who meaningfully represent its incredible diversity and believe in themselves and what we are striving for. We invite students who are ready for a challenge, willing to step out of their comfort zone and be transformed by the experience at our college as they contribute to the learning of others.”

At UWC, students are defined by their ambition and ability to create a more peaceful and sustainable future. Although strong academic achievement is valued highly, students are compelled to think more broadly about the knowledge and skills that will make them whole people. The selection committee says that it is very hard to describe an ideal candidate. “We pride ourselves in attracting and admitting a great diversity of students from around the world regardless of their socio-economic background, politics, religion, caste, ethnicity, language, gender, opinions, culture or race,” says Jawahar.

Jawahar further explains that candidates are selected based on their merit and potential to build a better world. “For this, we look at whether candidates have made the most of the opportunities available to them to date and, in particular, are intellectually curious and motivated, demonstrate active commitment, show the ability and the readiness to reflect, question and confront one’s own values, are able to work with a diversity of people and interact respectfully with them to collaborate for solutions, showcase resilience, personal responsibility and integrity and moreover have the passion, ability and serious incentive to actively promote UWC values,” he says explaining what are they looking out for in a prospective candidate for the scholarship.

Apart from this, there are some mandatory criteria regarding age, etc., that have to be met with. The scholarship process usually begins a year earlier. So if you are applying for admissions to the August 2015 batch, you need to apply now.


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