Congress will fail to reach double digits in Haryana, says Narendra Modi

After campaigning for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Maharashtra on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will shift focus to Haryana on Monday.

Congress will fail to reach double digits in Haryana, says Narendra Modi

• PM ends speech

• After five years you can question what all happened in the state and demand answers from us. 

• Give responsibility to BJP govt to serve you and make Haryana a developed state.

• Under Congress rule in the state, Dalit girls face atrocities like gang-rape. They live in constant fear.

• We must change this situation.

• I want to ask my mothers and sisters today — do our girls not have a right to take birth?

• We haven’t even given a right of birth to girls. Is this our culture?

• I want to ask them, why didn't they open bank accounts for poor? You only need intention to work. 

• Congress can't produce a report card of their 60 years in power; but they want a stock of my 60 days as PM.

•  BJP government works for the poor. We have taken a decision that nobody will get an old age pension of less than Rs 1000.

• Industrial units of Faridabad will be connected to gas grid for the development of the region under BJP govt.

• They will talk about caste, sympathy, tears and try to play all their cards. But all you need to think of is Haryana's future.

•  In these seven days, various people will approach you and narrate stories about their families. Don't get tricked.

•  You can change the future of Haryana by giving mandate to BJP.

• I have learned a lot in Haryana. I want to serve this land.

• I do not want support of those lodged in Tihar jail.

•  No. Here he does not even trust his own sons.

•  Atleast he could have said - 'I am in jail, and when I'm out I will serve.'

•  But in Haryana, he says 'I will stay in jail and take oath there'.

• If someone is arrested they say they will go to higher court. 

• People are looted and farmers are helpless under the Congress rule in Haryana.

• What is the identity of this government? Musclemen, builders rule, hafta wasooli​ is their trade.

• Looto, baato, raaj karo..(loot and share the spoils and keep ruling) is their mantra. We need to rid Haryana of this.

•  It is just five families that control everything in the state. They have divided the work among themselves. 

•  Do you see democracy here? No. It is family rule not a democracy.

•  It's not only the Congress that is responsible. 

•  Youngsters are losing jobs, there is shortage of electricity, factories are shut.

• They will lose because of their sins.

• They have looted the state and Haryana doesn't want them anymore.

• In Haryana polls, Congress will not even reach the double-digit figure.

• In 1977 Congress leaders including Indira ji lost but their party crossed 100 seats but this time Congress failed to cross 50 seats.

• People are fed up and angry of Congress — evident from Lok Sabha results.

• The atmosphere for change is even more pronounced than the General Elections.

• I have been to all corners of Haryana and I feel like congratulating in advance

• PM begins speech by chanting 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai' 

• PM Narendra Modi begins speaking as crowd chants 'Modi, Modi' 

• PM arrives to address rally in Faridabad

• PM ends speech by requesting all those present to ensure no one leaves behind any garbage 

• Vote for BJP if you want to make Haryana a developed state vote for BJP.

• It is our duty to ensure a better future for our mothers and daughters.

• There is a big difference in the sex ratio in the state, this a grave matter.

•  For the past 25 years, Haryana has only had musclemen as politicians.  

• Vote for a government that will rid you of musclemen.

• Congressmen shed crocodile tears and nothing ever happens.

• Politicians and their musclemen have jeopardised the safety of our mothers and sisters.

• Security of women will be a priority for our government.

• I want development through enhancement of skills in Haryana.

• This dynastic politics has become a barrier in the path of development.

• Dynastic politics and nepotism is rampant.

•  Corruption has become the second trait of the rulers in Haryana.

• Give BJP a mandate and the next time you meet me you can ask what work I have done here. 

• Government should be answerable to people.

•  Kuruskshetra region can impact the economy of Haryana state.

•  Terrorism divides, tourism unites.

• Tourism is something that can give endless return with least input.

• Be it America, China, Japan - wherever I have gone I have talked about Kurukshetra.

• Kurukshetra has the potential to prosper like Gurgaon and Noida.

• People who are in jail don't even trust their own son.

• Punish this corrupt government so that not even a single candidate from their party can get a seat in Vidhan Sabha .

• Throw out dynastic politics if you want to save Haryana.

• We've seen the state treasury being looted, now Haryana has to decide if it wants to be saved.

• If you can make a strong government in Delhi, you can surely make a government in Haryana that works. 

•  You have given so much love to me, now Haryana needs your love. Will you give it?

• PM Narendra Modi begins speaking at Kurukshetra

• PM ends speech with loud chants of 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'.

• Give me a chance to serve you.

• Haryana needs a government with full majority.

• Corruption, land scams and loot — this is what has happened in Haryana. 

• We need a government where women are safe and treated with dignity.

• A party headed by a woman ruled Haryana, yet there so many instances of rapes here? 

• I want to tell the mothers and sisters in Haryana that your brother is sitting in Delhi.

• We need to rid Haryana of the evil of female foeticide.

• What did Congress do about 'one rank-one pension' all these years? It is BJP that has begun work on this.

• Under Prandh Mantri Sichai Yojana, we want to provide water to the farmers across the nation.

• We have decided to give soil health cards to farmers.

•  Farmers must get appropriate price for their produce.

• Congress party is misleading the farmers.

• Now that Congress has nothing to do, I urge them also to join this cleanliness drive.

• All schools should be given lessons on cleanliness on Nov 14 when we celebrate 125th birth anniversary of Pandit Nehru.

• Government will run cleanliness campaign in every school, anganwadi from Nov 14 -19.

• Hissar will also get National Highway.

• Who gave Hissar two railway lines? It was our government. 

• I urge Congress to see the rail budget. 

•  Hoodaji has accepted defeat.

•  They are in a hurry because they know that after poll results are out they will be left with nothing.

• Yesterday, despite the Model Code of Conduct in place, the 'son-in-law' has been given land. 

•  And they are ask me for a report. Do talk about your sins for 60 years.

•  Did Congress ever give a report of their 60 years in power? 

• We want to rid Haryana of dynastic politics — we are fighting for good governance. 

• BJP is fighting to develop Haryana. 

•  I don't need support from jails. I don't need support of mafia.

• My government runs with the support of the people of India.

• They are showing my old photos with them and dreaming of taking oath from jail.  

• Some people are spreading lies. 

•  Look at the BJP - it projected a tea seller but see the political parties here. Only family matters for them.

• Until this is stopped Haryana will not see better days.

• Do you not want to be free from this 'parivarshahi'?

• Does democracy mean serving only the whims of one single family?

• Sadly the leaders of Haryana worked for their own families only.

• Haryana has seen both good and bad days. 

• Election is in the last leg and I am confident that Haryana will vote in large numbers and elect a BJP government with a full majority.

• I congratulate the youth of Haryana who made India proud in the Asian Games. They are the pride of India.

• I salute this land of Maharaja Agrasen. 

• PM Modi begins his address at Hisar. 

After campaigning for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Maharashtra on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will shift focus to Haryana on Monday.

PM will address election rallies and canvas for BJP candidates in Kurukshetra, Hisar and Faridabad today.

Last week, he addressed rallies in state's Karnal and trained his guns on Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi, saying those seeking an audit of his performances over the past four months, had done little in the last 60 years.

Modi urged the people of Haryana to dump the Congress and give a clear majority to the BJP, promising them a strong and stable government.

The BJP, after ending its alliance with the Haryana Janhit Congress, is contesting on all 90 seats in the 2014 Haryana Assembly polls.

Senior BJP leaders like party president Amit Shah too have addresses rallies and demanded a decisive mandate from voters.

Addressing a rally yesterday, Shah took a jibe at former Haryana chief minister and Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) chief Om Prakash Chautala and asked, "Would you want your CM to take his oath from inside a jail?"

The election for 90-member Haryana Assembly is scheduled to be held on October 15 while the votes will be counted on October 19.

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