Govt to take more measures in its fight against black money: BJP leader

The Centre will take more measures as part of its fight against black money, a top BJP leader today said.

New Delhi: The Centre will take more measures as part of its fight against black money, a top BJP leader today said.

He also sent out warnings to those with unaccounted money, saying if found they will be dealt with most severely but insisted that those with legitimate cash will suffer no hardship.

"The common man will not be impacted at all with the demonetising exercise. Our fight against black money and corruption will continue. More measures will be taken. We are committed to curbing black money," he said during an informal interaction with journalists.

The party's core constituency of small traders may have been hit but it believes that the move to declare Rs 1000/500 currency notes invalid has boosted its stock ahead of crucial state polls, including in UP, and it will capitalise on it.

"Looking at Mulayam Singh Yadav (SP President) and BSP chief Mayawati in their press conferences, it seems that things are positive for us," he said.

Both the regional satraps have criticised the Modi government over the measure.

He said the "war chest" of both the regional parties for the UP polls has been "hit hard" with the move to demonetise Rs 1000/500 notes.

Electoral expenses will be lower this time, he said.

The BJP leader said the government's move should not be seen through the prism of upcoming elections as it was a matter of national interest and part of its agenda to change the "scale of development" in the country.

For so many years, the army was not modernised, people do not get even pure drinking water and there has been no infrastructure development, he said, adding that the Modi government wants to change it drastically and it is possible only if taxes are paid and black money curbed.

Asked what more measures the government is planning, he parried the query, saying they will remain a "surprise".

Speaking about the UP polls, he said SP despite its internal feud remains the main challenger to BJP and BSP was not a strong challenger.

The stature BSP enjoyed under Kashiram has been finished by Mayawati who has turned the party into a commercial enterprise and people have realised it, he claimed. 

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