In a free country media can take care of its freedom: Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

In an independent country, media can can take care of its freedom and they keep monitoring on themselves, Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore said on Friday.

Jaipur: In an independent country, media can can take care of its freedom and they keep monitoring on themselves, Union Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore said on Friday.

The minister on his first visit here after assuming I&B charge, suggested that media regulated itself.

"In the independent country media can take care of its freedom very well. I believe media keep monitoring on themselves..They handle it with care," he said.

Saying that DD and AIR got "amazing reach and potential" in the country, the Centre was focussed on nation's development and not like propaganda from other side of the border.

"Our objective and focus is country's development as our culture is very strong, resourceful and does not need to do any propaganda", he said.

Rathore who was being apprised by his department officials of I&B since he assumed office said, "There will be a lot of difference between previous and present governments. This is the first time the prime minister means what he says. As we are his representatives, we will make sure what he says from a reality and it become a reality. This has to happen in future".

A new social media wing of I&B was coming up very strongly and new modes of communication with higher reach were being explored, he said.

Rathore said besides social media wing, I&B would lay emphasis on community radio expansion in the country for farmers, breeders, marine labourers sitting far away for their work, and the ministry would also think and consider to allow news on FM channels.

He also suggested that a propaganda was happening from the other side of the border and the only way "we can negate that is by counter-propaganda through our strong culture, songs and news."

"Ye (propaganda) unka maksad raha hoga...Vo (border countries) sudhaar chahatein hain (This might be their objective of propaganda...They need improvement in it), he said.

Rathore said, sometimes what was heard in their (leaders) speech there, is not carried in other parts of the country, and vice-versa.

Union Minister of I&B Arun Jaitley held a top meeting with producers and content writers to bring new programmes on DD network, and I&B wanted DD to be a competitive entertainment channel, Rathore said.

When it was pointed out that electronic media was not allowed with video camera and photo-camera in Rajasthan's secretariat and near Chief Minister Office building but Rathore said, "Media in India is growing matured with sense of freedom and responsibility. This restriction would be removed in times to come".

Saying that he was informed of taking oath in Modi cabinet on the very day in the morning, he said, "Every new incumbent had informal talks with Prime Minister and introduction to each other. The essence of meeting prime minister and other colleagues is an honour to get responsibility.. It is privilege to be minister".

"Media in India is very sensitive as they showed responsibility in 'Clean India' campaign at their own. Media worked together with the government in Modiji's swachch abhiyan", he said.

He who returned from a function of JCB Plants' inauguration held in Bagru, near Jaipur, said the skill development to youth was a must for their employment in any up coming company or factory. JCB company would be in a need of women employee, and there was a reservation up to 30 per cent there, he said.

When asked how would he react to Modi Cabinet expansion in which three out of 25 MPs were accommodated from Rajasthan, Rathore said, "Certain things can not be taken up on mathematical or geographical basis, old or new...It is the prerogative of Prime Minister Modi. PM wants that country should go forward with merit. Please Media should not see with this cabinet matter with any other angle".

He also expressed his serious concern on the poor condition of National Highway number 8 connecting Jaipur-Delhi saying it would improve in near future as the concerned minister took class of every concerned in the recent past. There would be new separate parking bay for heavy vehicles to ease traffic on the highway, he added.

"We all three MoS from Rajasthan will sit together in fixed interval of time to take up the state issues in Parliament and at the government so that matters of public interest be solved or expedited. We will keep healthy environment in working..Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje is a great visionary and dynamic leader".

Will he be keeping his passion of shooting, Rathore said "My passion would not be so active nor I will participate in competitions...But I will keep my passion up..Though my 15 year old son Manavaditya got gold medal at the Asian Shotgun championship in UAE recently".