PM Narendra Modi in Sydney: As it happened on Monday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that that it was his good fortune to be the first Indian prime minister to be born post-Independence.

PM Narendra Modi in Sydney: As it happened on Monday

6:45 pm: PM Modi arrives in Canberra from Sydney, a short 30-minute flight. In a departure from protocol, Modi was received by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop at the Defence Establishment Fairbaim.

6:30 pm: PM Modi says that Brett Lee's love for India was "truly admirable".

2:30 pm: PM says that he is 'overwhelmed, honoured and humbled' by the receptions at the and he will never forget this day.

2:20 pm: PM Modi concludes his speech with 'Bharat Mata ki Jai' slogan.

2:15 pm: Have started a website called Please post your suggestions and your complaints on it, PM Modi tells Indian diaspora.

2:14 pm: PM announces working on visa on arrival for tourists from Australia soon. 

2:13 pm: PM announces opening of Indian Cultural Centre in Sydney by February 2015. 

2:12 pm: There used to be another law, which required Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizen of India​ (OCI) card holders to present themselves at police stations while visiting India. We have done away with that law. There is another problem which faced by people - to go in for a PIO card or an OCI card. Both used to get separate treatments but now they will be treated as one. The people who have a PIO card, they will all get a lifetime visa to India. Now it doesn't matter if people in the Embassy do not return your calls, PM Modi laments.

2:10 pm: Governments do not make nations, it is the people who make them, says PM Modi. 

2:09 pm: Previous government liked boasting of making new laws, but I am happier to remove laws, let's open the windows let fresh air come in and people live peacefully, exhorts PM Modi.

2:08 pm: PM Modi asserts good governance need of the hour.

2:07 pm: India is blessed with youth force. The world requires workforce and that can be met by Indians, however for that skill development is important, PM Modi asserts.

2:06 pm: We have decided to open up 3 universities specifically meant for railways. If one needs to get a job in railways, he/she needs to study there and get a job, PM says.

2:05 pm: We have allowed 100 percent FDI in Indian railways, PM Modi says.

2:03 pm: Whenever someone wants to invest in a country the investors need to be given high quality of life, that is what "Make In India" aims to do: asserts PM. 

2:02 pm: PM Modi says, We have started Make in India programme for our youth who can contribute to the world.

2:00 pm: PM Modi says, Mahatma Gandhi gave us freedom. In 2019 on his 150th birth anniversary, we should give our Father of the Nations a clean India. 

1:59 pm: People back in India need to change the mindset. In India we call the person who comes to collect our garbage as 'kachrewala', infact his 'safaiwala'. 

1:57 pm: One should learn the dignity of labour from Australia and I want to propagate the idea that cleaning isn't below dignity, says PM Modi.

1:55 pm: Illness is a big burden on the poor and there is no greater service to the poor than focussing on cleanliness, says PM Modi.

1:54 pm: PM Modi says Swach Bharat Abhiyaan will benefit the poor, invites people of Indian origin in Australia to help build toilets in India. 

1:52 pm: PM Modi says 71 million bank accounts have already been opened in last 10 weeks under Jan Dhan Yogna.

1:50 pm: PM Modi says when I spoke to Reserve Bank about "Jan Dhan Yojna", they said it will take 3 years to launch it, finance ministry said it will take 2 years, and my PMO office said it will take 1 year. But, during Independence Day speech I announced the progarmme and said that it will be done in 150 days.

1:49 pm: I want the poorest of the poor to be part of India's growth, says PM Modi.

1:47 pm: My focus is that I want to work for the small people, to make the small people big, PM Modi says. 

1:45 pm: Audience cheer PM Modi at the Allphones Arena, screaming "Modi! Modi!"

1:44 pm: General Elections were going on in India but I know that there was not a moment in those polls that you weren't connected to, PM Modi tells Indian diaspora.

1:42 pm: PM Modi says, In 1964 Olympic games in Tokyo an Indian person represented Australia and that is not a small thing. 

1:40 pm: PM Modi says I see no reason why India should stay behind. It is decided we will move ahead.

1:38 pm: PM Modi says 'Bharat Mata' has 250 crore arms, 200 crore arms are below 35 years of age. It's the youth who hold capacity to fulfill dreams.

1:36 pm: PM Modi says Sydney is a beautiful city and Australia is a beautiful nation. Both both India, Australia can't live without cricket.

1:35 pm: PM Modi assures Indian diaspora saying My friends in Australia I assure won't have to wait for 28 years.

1:34 pm: PM Modi says, Leave at night and you'll reach Australia in the morning. But it took 28 years for the PM of India to come here.

1:33 pm: PM Modi saysI wasn't lucky enough to sacrifice my life for our countrybut we can surely live for the nation.

1:31 pm: PM Modi says, It is my good fortune that I'm the first PM of India to be born post 1947. 

1:30 pm: PM Modi invokes Swami Vivekananda's legacy. 

1:29 pm: Overwhelmed, honoured and humbled. Will never forget this day, says PM Modi.

1:28 pm: PM Modi says this massive reception in Sydney will galvanise India.

1:27 pm: PM Modi addresses the enthusisatic supporters, says, "This welcome, this respect and the enthusiasm of yours I dedicate it to the people of India." 

1:26 pm: One of the PM's supporter at Arena shouts "PM Modi you are a rockstar."

1:24 pm: PM Narendra Modi addresses Indian diaspora at Allphones Arena

1:19 pm: National anthem of both the nations being sung at the Arena.

1:17 pm: PM Modi meets cancer-stricken cartoonist Ramesh Chandra.

1:15 pm: Clad in a kurta pyjama PM Narendra Modi meets the delegates and supporters at Allphones Arena.

12:30 pm: Cultural programmes enthrall Modi supporters at Allphones Arena.


12:10 pm: New South Wales Premier Mike Baird receives PM Modi at Allphones Arena at Olympic Park in Sydney.

Baird speaks to PM Modi, says: "What I sense is that you bring great hope and the Indo-Australian relationship is on the cusp of something big." 

12:05 pm: PM Narendra Modi arrives at Allphones Arena at Olympic Park, poses for photographs with supporters inside the venue. 

Thousands of ecstatic supporters of the Indian PM are seen outside Allphones Arena, dancing and singing and chanting "Modi, Modi" as they waited to hear his address.

11:50 am: Former Australia paceman Brett Lee confirms his presence at Olympic park, expresses his eagerness to meet PM Modi.


11:45 am: PM Narendra leaves for Allphones arena. Around 20,000 members of the Indian diaspora are expected to be present at a community reception being organised in honour of the Indian Prime Minister.

11:25 am: Ahead of PM Modi's arrival, classical Indian singers perform at the Allphones Arena.

11:20 am:  Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's much-awaited speech at the Allphones Arena in Sydney, the Ministry of External Affairs on Monday termed the former's exhaustive engagements in Australia a part of multi-layered diplomacy.

"Following the G-20, we immediately switched on to another mode. What is being practiced is called multi-layered diplomacy. One layer is in terms of international engagements at a multi-lateral level. Another layer is engagements of public diplomacy where the Prime Minister yesterday and today is engaged with different sections of the public to spread a common message about his vision of India, about India where he would like others to come and invest," MEA official spokesperson Syed Akbaruddin told ANI.

10:35 am: People have started to gather outside Allphones Arena ahead of PM Modi's arrival. 'Flash Mob' celebrates outside the venue.

10:10 am: Cancer-stricken cartoonist Ramesh Chandra praises PM Modi says, "India is fortunate to have such leader like Modi."

  • On an emotional note Chandra says, "I have cancer, don't know till when will I live, I am ecstatic about meeting Modi ji." 
  • After hearing Chandra's story, PM Modi on November 14 had asked the event organisers of Allphones Arena to make arrangements so that the cartoonist can be present at the Olympic Park. Modi made this gesture after he learnt that Chnadra had expressed his keenness to meet him.

9:45 am: PM Modi appreciates the welcome accorded to him in Sydney, says "Amazing welcome in Sydney. Glad to be here."

8:45 am: PM Modi accorded traditional welcome in Sydney. Australian artists perform a traditional Aboriginal dance to welcome the Indian PM.


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8:30 am: BJP leader Ram Madhav says more than 20,000 people are expected at Allphones Arena. He describes the programme as a Indo-Aus unity event.

8:00 am: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Sydney. 16,000 people will be inside the the Allphones Arena and many several thousand will be watching the PM speak on a giant screen from outside at around 1 pm today.

The Allphones Arena is Australia's biggest entertainment and sporting complex and was built for the 2000 Summer Olympics.

The excitement over the Sydney function is not restricted to Australia's largest city only. A chartered train dubbed “Modi Express” departed from Melbourne Sunday night for Sydney with 500 “Modi bhagats”. A large number of enthusiasts have missed the train literally as the number of the seats was restricted.

6:15 am: Before leaving for Sydney PM Modi says: PM Modi says: "Thank you Brisbane. Leaving for Sydney. Looking forward to the Indian community programme." 


5:30 am: PM Modi acknowledges the hospitality of the hotel staff at Brisbane as he prepares to leave for Sydney.


4:30 am: PM Modi addresses Australian business leaders during a breakfast meeting.

  • PM Modi says India has made its policies transparent and predictable and clearly defined the procedures for businesses.
  • "We have made our policies transparent and predictable. We have made our procedures clearly defined and smooth," Modi says during a breakfast meeting with Australian business leaders before leaving for Sydney.
  • Modi said that his government is focused on eliminating unnecessary laws and regulations, making processes easier and shorter, ensuring that othe government is more transparent.

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