Raking up the fishermen's issue, Gandhi said they were being kidnapped and their boats being seized

The livelihood of fishermen and lakhs of families was under "serious threat", she said.

"The Modi government, instead of giving them security, was allowing foreign fishermen to come to our waters," she said.

Touching upon the hotly debated dry law, she said implementation of prohibition would be a social revolution. "Brothers and sisters, you all know that we have promised to implement

prohibition if we are voted to power," she said.

Both DMK and Congress have promised dry law in their respective manifestos. "This (dry law) will be a social revolution," she said, adding it would bring "much relief" to lakhs of women and their families.

Seeking to corner Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa, she said, "It is because of our firm and uncompromised position on banning liquor sale that the chief minister

was forced to clarify her position."

Jayalalithaa had said her party would usher in dry law in phases. Ahead of that announcement, her party leaders like Natham Viswanathan had maintained it was not possible to put dry law in


The Congress president said the UPA regime had passed the "historic" Land Acquisition Act three years ago. However, Tamil Nadu had become the first state to amend it.

"This action goes completely against the interests of farmers. Written consent of farmers will no longer be required for acquiring their lands. Your land can now be possibly acquired without


She said when DMK government was in power, Tamil Nadu was in the news for setting up new industries. But today "Tamil Nadu is in the news because factories are closing, industries are

leaving the state and they are choosing other states and more and more young people are becoming jobless."

Whether at the Centre or in Tamil Nadu, "our alliance" has always worked for the welfare and advancement of all people especially the weaker sections of society, Gandhi said.

"I would like to state here that we do not make false promises like other parties have done and are doing. We take our manifesto seriously. We intend to execute all promises that we have made."

"Brothers and sisters, we are committed to bringing back a government which will work, a government which will protect the interests of all sections of society especially that of our farmers, women, children and youth."

She urged the people to vote in large numbers for the Congress-DMK alliance and ensure victory.