RSS leader wants revision of textbook contents

He said the issue has been ignored for 50-60 years.

New Delhi: Senior RSS leader Krishna Gopal on Friday pitched for revision of content in text books so that they reflect the "country's philosophy".

"We have Constitution, but no discussion ever happened on what should be the rashtra darshan (philosophy). All of us will work, but for whom? What will be the destiny of the country? When the future of the country was not decided, same happened about education," he said.

He said the issue has been ignored for 50-60 years.

"We have to make a start somewhere. By making small groups we will have to hold sittings across the country and then intellectuals will write," the RSS' joint general secretary said responding to a question during his lecture on 'nationalism', organised by a group of academicians here.

On the border issues in Jammu and Kashmir and Bangladesh, he expressed hope that the Kashmir issue will be solved and said the government is working in that direction.

"So many Bangladeshis have intruded in the country. You can't remove them in a day. Border areas should be managed properly, there should be tribunals, there should be identification...For the first time you have a government which is not into appeasing voters," he argued.

Gopal also sought to highlight "difference" between the concept of nationalism in western countries, especially European ones, and that in India.

"If we have to differentiate the western concept of nation and India's rashtravad, rashtra bhav...Their concept of nation is (of) aggression, intolerance, loot of kingdoms. Their tendency continues to be like that; they come together and exploit the world even today. Globalisation, MNCs are examples," he said.

He claimed European countries "broke into pieces whenever differences cropped up but India sustained because of its philosophy and Hindutva which takes all together".

Supreme court advocate Monika Arora also addressed the gathering, which included RSS ideologue Dinanath Batra among others.