Was Indira Gandhi's rule worse than British? - Have Your Say

Bihar government website calls former prime minister Indira Gandhi's rule worse than British reign in India.

Was Indira Gandhi's rule worse than British? - Have Your Say

New Delhi: The political arena in Bihar has simmered after the state government website called Indira Gandhi's rule worse than British reign, with Congress strongly rejecting the claims and saying that the references to the former prime minister were totally unacceptable.

'Hindustan Times' quoted a paragraph on modern history in the website as follows - "It was he (Jay Prakash Narayan) who steadfastly and staunchly opposed the autocratic rule of Indira Gandhi and her younger son, Sanjay Gandhi. Fearing people’s reaction to his opposition, Indira Gandhi had him arrested on the eve of declaring National Emergency beginning June 26, 1975. He was put in the Tihar Jail, located near Delhi, where notorious criminals are jailed. Thus, in Free India, this septuagenarian, who had fought for India’s freedom alongside Indira Gandhi’s father, Jawahar Lal Nehru, received a treatment that was worse than what the British had meted out to Gandhi ji in Champaran in 1917, for his speaking out against oppression."

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