When MoS Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha let go of his VIP seats for a girl and her ill mom

A special gesture...

When MoS Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha let go of his VIP seats for a girl and her ill mom

New Delhi: At a time when netas jostle to ensure that they are given VIP treatment, Minister of State Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha and his wife have set an example of for many of their ilk to follow.

Sinha and his wife were booked on an Indigo flight from Kolkata to Ranchi. However, on boarding the aircraft they found their front row XL (extra leg space seats near the front door) being occupied by a young girl and her ill mother.

The mother-daughter duo had flown in from Bengaluru and were booked till Ranchi via the Kolkata halt. However, on boarding the flight at Bengaluru, the girl and her mother (who has difficulty in walking) occupied the unoccupied XL seats.

However, on arrival at Kolkata, it turned out that the seats belonged to Jayant Sinha and his wife.

But Sinha and his wife insisted that the girl and her mother continue to occupy the premium seats and they themselves sat in normal economy seats.

The girl, Shreya Pradip, was overwhelmed by the kind gesture by the union minister and took to twitter to express her gratitude.

later tweeted: “@jayantsinha @IndiGo6E Ache din is wen Aviation Minister gives his 1st class seat 2 me n my ill mother, sits in d eco class himself Thnx Sir”. She later clarified that she meant XL seats (Indigo has no first class).

Later, Indigo - through a Tweet - enquired whether Shreya had a comfortable flight. Shreya responded: “After such a generous gesture! Definitely ?? Thnxx”.

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