Hasan Ali is fine, says govt hospital report

The health condition of Hasan Ali Khan is fine and he is not suffering from paralysis, a report filed by a govt hospital said.

Updated: Nov 03, 2011, 19:06 PM IST

Mumbai: The health condition of Pune-based
businessman Hasan Ali Khan, arrested for alleged tax evasion,
is fine and he is not suffering from paralysis, a report filed
by a government hospital in a local court on Thursday said.

The court took the report on record and deferred till
November 5 his plea seeking admission to a private hospital.
Assistant Public Prosecutor GK Vaiude submitted the
report, prepared by JJ Hospital regarding Khan`s health, to
Principal Sessions Judge Swapna Joshi.

It said Khan was better and his health would improve if
he followed the line of treatment prescribed by the doctors.
There were restrictions imposed on his diet and he had to
follow that strictly.

The court had yesterday said it was not satisfied with
the reports filed by jail authorities and asked the chief
medical officer of JJ hospital to submit a detailed medical
report on Khan`s condition as he had claimed to have suffered
a paralytic stroke.

His lawyer Prateek Bagadia had argued that Khan was
suffering from diabetes, kidney and heart problems and needed
urgent medical attention.

He also said Khan was suffering from high blood pressure
and had suffered a paralytic stroke in jail but the
Enforcement Directorate was not ready to move him to a private
hospital for treatment as desired by him.

According to the prosecutor, the report filed by the
government hospital said Khan was not suffering from paralysis
or other major problems and that his condition was fine.

The court would decide on November 5 the application
filed by Khan seeking admission to a private hospital.

Khan is being investigated for alleged money-laundering
and huge funds stashed in foreign banks. After being arrested
by ED, Khan was granted bail by the Bombay High Court on
August 12, but the apex court cancelled it on September 30.