AK Antony’s office bugged, IB probe ordered?

Bugging came to notice on February 16 following which Defence Secretary took up the matter with IB for a probe, as per sources.

New Delhi: In a sensational case, it has been reported that Defence
Ministry authorities had detected alleged bugging of the
office room of Defence Minister AK Antony, following which Intelligence
Bureau (IB) has been asked to probe the matter.

As per reports, sources in the ministry said on Friday that the
development came to notice on February 16 following which
Defence Secretary Shashikant Sharma took up the matter with IB
for a probe.

The matter was allegedly brought to notice by two Army personnel
who were manning the telephone lines in the ministry.

After this was brought to notice, ministry officials supposedly
refused to get their phone lines checked by the Army
personnel, they said.

Meanwhile as per a TV channel the Defence Ministry has refuted the whole matter saying that there was no basis in the story. Defence Secretary Shashikant Sharma reportedly told the channel that regular sweeps are done in the ministry for security reasons and that no listening device was found. The matter has been dismissed by the Army as well, as per reports.

Last year, a similar incident was reported from the
office of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee when snooping
devices allegedly were found from there.

A inquiry was ordered by the Finance Ministry after
adhesive-like substances were recovered from his office,
raising suspicion that they might have been used to implant
electronic listening devices.