Amar Singh slams Azam Khan for blame on Khurshid

Amar Singh slammed Azam Khan for his remark that Salman Khurshid was behind his detention at the Boston airport.

New Delhi: Expelled SP member Amar Singh on Monday slammed senior party leader Azam Khan for his remark that External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid was behind his detention at the Boston airport and termed his statement as "stupid" and "cheap".

Singh also stated that as a frequent foreign flier, he is aware of the fact that international security standards are alike everywhere and one has to abide by it.

"This is a cheap statement, stupid statement to make... This is very disgusting and damaging statement...," he said.

Singh expressed surprised over Khan`s attempt to blame Khurshid for the episode.

"I fail to understand how can Salman Khurshid do this. Even if Salman Khurshid really wants to humiliate or insult any of his adversary, the State Department of the US is not going to pay any heed to his request of this kind," he said.

Singh also lashed out at Khan for giving a communal colour to his detention.

"To give it a communal colour that because I am a Muslim that is why I am humiliated in America is sheer stupidity... From such a character (Khan) one can expect only this kind of a silly and stupid statement," he said.

Singh also attacked BSP chief Mayawati for protesting against Election Commission frisking her bag in Karnataka where she had gone to address an election rally.

Mayawati had allegedly said that she was targeted by the EC because of her Dalit background.

"In a democracy, the frisking by Election Commission or security personnel is not done on the basis of faces... During election as and when I used to travel in my car, I used to be frisked, I was not spared," Singh said.

BJP leader Sushma Swaraj`s chopper was also frisked by the Election Commission but she had welcomed the EC`s action.

"Sushma Swaraj is a Brahmin and the Leader of Opposition, she was also frisked by the Election Commission. It is heartening to know that she has welcomed this and it is saddening to note that Mayawatiji has opposed her frisking," he said.

He also said the VIP`s should learn to respect the law of the land.

"This syndrome of being a VVIP is not good... Mayawatiji and others must come of this syndrome and learn to respect the law of the land... Every one is alike as far as law is concerned," he said.