Congress mocks Kejriwal; says CM for 6 days can dream of being PM

Congress ridiculed AAP and Arvind Kejriwal after announcement that it will contest Lok Sabha election, saying there is no bar on even a Chief Minister for six days to "dream" of being Prime Minister.

New Delhi: Congress on Saturday sought to ridicule AAP and its leader Arvind Kejriwal after the fledgling party announced that it will contest Lok Sabha election, saying there is no bar on even a Chief Minister for six days to "dream" of being the Prime Minister.
"Every body has a right to dream. You cannot put a ban on people dreaming. There is no such law in the country. So many Chief Ministers are dreaming of becoming Prime Ministerial candidate.

"Some have been announced. Some themselves think that they are. Why can`t Kejriwal think of it though he has been a Chief Minister for only last six days," party general secretary in-charge for Delhi Shakeel Ahmed told reporters here.

Ahmed at the same time said that there is "no challenge or threat" to Rahul Gandhi.

He was asked whether Kerjriwal could prove a challenge to the Congress Vice-President in the Prime Ministerial race.

"There is no such challenge. No party can create a threat for Rahul Gandhi. Everyone in politics has his own stature, though they (AAP) have the right to their opinion," Ahmed said.

Senior AAP leader Yogendra Yadav earlier said that the country must have better options than Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi for the Prime Minister`s post.

Asked if he would like to see Kejriwal as the Prime Minister, he said, "We have again and again said that Rahul and Modi`s fight (for the post) is unfortunate. The country must have better options than this.

"But are we in the position to (say that Kejriwal should occupy the post)? We will have to discuss that. My dream is to see Kejriwal as Prime Minister. He is capable of it but in politics one has to see... Strength and where we stand," he said.

Outlining its national ambitions, AAP announced it will contest "maximum" number of seats in most states in upcoming Lok Sabha polls and the first list of its candidates will be out in the next 10-15 days.

Responding to questions on it, the Congress general secretary said that all small and big parties have a right to go to people in democracy.

To a direct question whether Congress feels AAP can give pose a challenge to it, he said that there is no such challenge which can create any panic though in politics rivals are not taken lightly.

He added the conditions were different in Delhi, where the recent election saw AAP making a stunning debut while the Congress was decimated, and "different situations prevail in Lok Sabha poll".