India should have minimum deterrence: Navy chief

Navy Chief Sureesh Mehta today advocated that India should have "credible minimum deterrence".

New Delhi: Navy Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta Monday said India should have "credible minimum deterrence" keeping in view its neighbourhood.
"You have to have credible minimum deterrence against somebody you can`t target. India`s policy is not the whole world over. So, in the neighbourhood we should have adequate capability to maintain the deterrent value of such platforms," he said in an interview.

Admiral Mehta was asked if India was planning to develop Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) as part of its nuclear deterrence capabilities.

On July 26, India inducted its first indigenously produced nuclear submarine INS Arihant, which is armed with nuclear capable 700 km medium range K-15 missiles.

India is planning to increase the range of the submarine launched ballistic missile up to 3,000 km in future.

Bureau Report