India world champion in corruption because of Congress: Narendra Modi

If this country has to progress, corruption needs to end, says Narendra Modi at a rally in Alwar, Rajasthan.

Zee Media Bureau

Alwar: 12:10 pm: Modi concludes his speech with the ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ slogan.

12:10 pm: I urge you to throw away the Congress government in Rajasthan – Modi to supporters.

12:09 pm: The Congress doesn`t spare anything. The money being looted is being kept in accounts abroad – Modi.

12:08 pm: Vo rail mein bhi khaate hain, khel mein bhi khaate hain, khet mein bhi khaate hain aur ret mein bhi khaate hain – Modi.

12:07 pm: See, they have committed scams in ‘patal lok’, ‘prithvi lok’ and in ‘aakash’ – Modi.

12:06 pm: Our ‘shehzada’ was saying India is a world champion in corruption. This is the power of Congress – Modi.

12:05 pm: If this country has to progress, corruption needs to end – Modi.

12:04 pm: 40 communal riots have taken place during the five-year rule of Congress government in Rajasthan – Modi.

12:02 pm: Rajasthan’s Congress government also has most number of MLAs behind bars – Modi.

12:02 pm: In Gujarat, we have laid such huge water pipelines that Mr (Ashok) Gehlot, you can travel inside them in a Maruti car with your entire pipeline – Modi.

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11:59 am: Congress government in Rajasthan is also number one in the country for failing to provide safe drinking water for people.

11:57 am: Rajasthan government is number one in the country to trouble tribals - Modi.

11:55 am: Not only HC, even SC rapped them. SC said such a government cannot remain in power – Modi.

11:55 am: High Court says that in Rajasthan`s history such a weak state government has never come to power – Modi.

11:53 am: You may not listen to my voice always, but I keep listening to you, Modi tells his supporters.

11:52 am: Congress governments forget people and their promises till elections – Modi.

11:52 am: Is government only a machine to win elections? asks Modi.

11:51 am: Rajasthan doesn’t need a government which sleeps for 555 months and stays awake for 5 months. The state needs a government that is awake for 60 months – Modi.

11:50 am: Your vote is not only to change the government in Rajasthan but also to decide the future of the state, says Modi.

11:45 am: Narendra Modi is currently addressing a rally in Alwar, Rajasthan.

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