Indian accused of molesting teen in Dubai flight

Indian national has been accused of molesting a teenage Moroccan girl on board a Dubai-bound flight.

Dubai: A 36-year-old Indian national has been accused of molesting a teenage Moroccan girl on board a Dubai-bound Emirates flight, charges he has denied.

Prosecutors accused the man of consuming liquor and sexually molesting the 15-year-old Moroccan girl on board the flight, a newspaper report here said.

It was not clear when the incident happened.

The man, who works as a blacksmith and identified only as VD, pleaded not guilty to the molestation charge as he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance. He, however, admitted to consuming liquor.

"I consumed liquor? but I did not molest the girl. I am innocent on that count," the man said before the court.
According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said that the Moroccan girl was asleep when V D sat beside her and molested her. The 15-year-old schoolgirl, B B, testified that the alleged incident happened while she was seated alone on the window seat, Gulf News reported.

"The seat next to mine was empty. The defendant who seemed drunk came and sat beside me. I neglected him although he tried to open up a conversation with me. I couldn`t understand his language and I had my earphones on listening to music. When he grabbed my hand, I pulled it away and scolded him. Shortly after that, he pretended to be opening the window shutter when he touched my breast? I shouted at him and felt embarrassed and angered," she was quoted as saying.

The girl`s Emirati brother-in-law testified that when he and his wife [BB`s sister] went to pick her from the airport, they were informed about the incident.
The newspaper said a steward claimed: "The defendant admitted to me that he molested the girl and apologised for his wrongdoing? we kept him until police came and took him."


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