Kiran Bedi supports brain mapping, polygraph test

Senior former IPS officer Kiran Bedi said brain mapping and polygraph tests were required to bring out truth.

Jaipur: Even as the Supreme Court recently declared illegal brain mapping and polygraph tests on suspects, senior former IPS officer Kiran Bedi on Saturday said these were required to bring out truth from hardened criminals during investigation.

Order of the apex court is bound to cause strong
hardship to the investigating agencies across the country,
including CBI, she said while delivering a lecture on Gandhian
model of policing organised by an NGO here.

She said the CBI chief has also opposed the order of
Supreme Court.

Bedi said accused like Mumbai terror attack convict
Ajmal Kasab and fake stamp scam convict Abdul Karim Telgi know
how to fail a lie detector test.

"Brain mapping test provides 100 percent correct
results and is a most effective tool today for investigating
agencies," she said.

While the courts view the rights of the victims
and also accused but it must also consider problems of the
investigating agencies, she added.

The first woman IPS officer said policemen should not
"bow" to external pressure in investigation of a crime.

She said the Gandhian model of policing does not
means being idealistic rather it means police officials must
do their job with integrity and honesty in accordance with


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