Modi flays NAC on communal violence bill

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi accused the Sonia Gandhi-led NAC of drafting a "perverse" and "ill-conceived" bill to tackle communal violence which, he claimed, portrays that the majority community is "always the perpetrator".

Lucknow: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra
Modi on Saturday accused the Sonia Gandhi-led NAC of drafting a
"perverse" and "ill-conceived" bill to tackle communal
violence which, he claimed, portrays that the majority
community is "always the perpetrator".

Moving a resolution at the BJP National Executive Meet
here, Modi also accused the UPA government of posing a grave
threat to the federal structure of the country by making
"hostile, insidious and politically colorable" attacks on
opposition-ruled states.
The resolution states that Congress-led UPA was
"diminishing financial support" to the BJP and NDA ruled
states, misusing Governors as political agents to harass the
regimes, and forming bodies like National Investigation Agency
(NIA) which are acting against the "federal spirit".

The BJP alleged that the National Advisory Council,
headed by Gandhi, is contributing to "usurping of powers
of states by the Centre."

"NAC has drafted a perverse legislation -- the
Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to
Justice and Reparations) Bill. It is ill-conceived and it
proceeds with an assumption that the majority community is
always the perpetrator of communal violence. Reverse
discrimination in its worst form," the resolution stated.

It also accused the Centre of "misusing" the NIA.

"By setting up the National Investigation Agency the
Central Government now obviously wants to take upon itself the
responsibility of fighting terror by sidetracking the states,"
Modi said.
Modi has had a running feud with the Centre on the
Sohrabuddin encounter and other cases. He alleged that NIA has
taken away the law-making powers of the states.

BJP also resolved to demand "full and immediate"
implementation of the Sarkaria Commission`s recommendations,
setting up a forum to fight against attacks and discrimination
by the Centre, obtaining greater empowerment of the Inter-
State Council, to free appointments of CBI chief, CAG and CVC,
create public awareness and to call for a nation-wide debate
on the issue.

"The Congress-led UPA government has breached this
dharma more than any other government in free India. It has
breached it through insidious and colorable attacks on the
states and their domain. These are pincer attacks as they are
made by misusing investigative agencies," Modi said.

The resolution alleged that the Central government is
using the constitutional provisions to make legislationS in
respect of items in the concurrent list, but is refusing to do
its duty to provide necessary financial support.

"From drinking water to supply of oilseeds there was a
trend to increase the control of the centre over plan funds to
be spent in the states. Today, they are the Rural Health
Mission and the MNERGA," the resolution states.

By choosing Modi, who is the most prominent face among
BJP Chief Ministers, the party also sent across a message to
the Centre.

The role of Governors also came in for criticism in
the resolution which states that Karnataka Governor H R
Bhardwaj - though he was not named - had twice recommended
imposition of President`s Rule in the state without proper
grounds for doing so.


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