Naxals kill three people in every two days

Statistics show that Naxals have been killing 3 persons in every 2 days for the past five years.

New Delhi: While the focus remains on the recent spate of Maoist attacks, statistics show that Naxals have been killing three persons in every two days for the past
five years.

The Left-wing extremists have killed about 2,670
people -- about 1,680 civilians and nearly 990 security
personnel -- since 2005, equalling three deaths every two

About 1,440 Maoists have also lost their lives in the
past five years, which translates into nearly three casualties
in every two days, according to data of the South Asia
Terrorism Portal, a website managed by The Institute for
Conflict Management, a Delhi-based security watchdog.

The statistics show that in the war against Naxalism,
the rebels have an edge over security forces and are able to
inflict maximum casualties on civilians and security

Exhibiting their capability, the Maoists have killed
more than 460 people alone this year. The victims included 167
security personnel.

Though all states located in the `Red Corridor` have
been affected, Chhattisgarh -- the hotbed of the Maoists --
bore the brunt, witnessing the deaths of 103 security
personnel and 43 civilians.

The deaths included last month`s killing of 75
paramilitary personnel in Dantewada district and the blowing
up of a bus that killed over 30 civilians and special police
officers in the same district earlier this month.

West Bengal was the second most Maoist-affected state,
where Naxals killed 32 security personnel and 63 civilians
(excluding the Jhargram incident).

Orissa, the third most affected state, witnessed death
of 22 civilians and 17 security forces this year. The figures
in Bihar were 29 and six respectively.

However, according to the data, only 107 Maoists have
so far been killed this year, meaning just one Left-wing
extremist gets killed for four deaths among security personnel
and civilians combined.

In 2009, about 1,000 deaths were reported from
Maoist-related violence. Of them 392 were civilians, 312 were
security personnel and 294 were Naxals.

In the previous year, the extremists killed about
210 civilians and 214 security personnel, while suffering 214

The combined toll of security forces and civilians was
458 in 2007, 394 in 2006 and 431 in the preceding year. The
casualties suffered by Maoists during the same period were
192, 348 and 286 respectively.

It shows that the extremists have killed more people
than the cadres lost in all the years.

Interestingly, the statistics reveal that the rate of
fatalities from Maoist-related violences is more than those
recorded during the peak of Kashmir insurgency.

The data, derived from Jammu and Kashmir Government
sources, reveal that the rate of fatalities on both sides was
almost equal.

Since 2000, the border state witnessed over 7,500
deaths of civilians and security personnel, while over 8,800
insurgents also lost their lives.

In 1996, considered the bloodiest year for the state,
a total of 2,822 people were killed, including 1,424
civilians, 189 security personnel and 1,209 terrorists.

While the number of militancy-related casualties are
gradually decreasing since the beginning of the decade, the
trend is the opposite in the case of Maoist-related violence.