`NCTC: Cong taking away powers of states’

The Budget session starting tomorrow will be dominated by the NCTC issue, BJP said.

Hyderabad: Accusing Congress of attempting
to take away powers of state governments through various bills
including the NCTC, opposition BJP on Sunday said that it will
raise the issues of attack on federalism and on "gloomy" state
of the economy in the Budget Session of Parliament.

The Budget session starting tomorrow will be dominated by
the issue of federalism and "failure" of the Congress-led UPA
government on economic front, BJP national spokesperson
Prakash Javadekar told reporters here.

"If the Congress has not learnt any lessons from the
recently held five state elections, it will learn those
lessons in the coming session of Parliament," Javadekar said.

"Federalism is under attack...be it NCTC, Lokayukta under
Lok Pal, RPF amendment bill, Communal Violence bill and every
bill of HRD...the Congress is taking all powers of state and
so all parties are opposing it. If given freedom, even
Congress chief ministers will oppose them," he said.

"Congress mindset through various bills is very clear
that they want to take away powers of the state. Congress does
not believe in federal principle of the Constitution," he

Referring on the National Counter-Terrorism Centre (NCTC)
bill, he said the BJP too wants an effective bill against
terrorism but the content of NCTC is against the federal
spirit of Constitution.

Speaking on the economy, Javadekar said country`s
economic growth has slowed down with growth rate which was
expected to be 8 per cent coming down to 6.1 per cent in the
last quarter.

"The trade deficit is widening, fiscal deficit is also
rising, rupee is getting depreciated, employment is shrinking,
index of industrial production has gone down. The buoyancy of
the economy NDA handed over to UPA has been squandered away,"
the BJP leader said.