PM should not come under Lokpal: Rahul

Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said that Prime Minister should not come under the purview of Lokpal as long as he is in the office.

Bhubaneswar: Expressing reservation over bringing the Prime Minister under the purview of the Lokpal, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday said the head of government should not come under the ambit of the ombudsman.

"I think after he quits office, the Prime Minister should come under the Lok Pal bill. I have my concerns over bringing him within its purview while holding office," the AICC general secretary told reporters here.

Since the Prime Minister is to lead the nation and run the government, he should be brought under Lokpal purview the day he demits office, Gandhi said.

While describing the Lokpal Bill and discussions on it as a good development, Gandhi said the proposed measure is fundamental, but it treats the disease after it happens.

Emphasising on preventive steps against corruption, the young Congress leader said, "We have to think of bringing improvement in quality of politics and politicians".

Stating that corruption has become a menace as political parties are not funded, he said it is necessary to involve the poor and youngsters in politics.

In order to tackle corruption, it is essential to change the type of people in politics and improve their quality and number, Gandhi said, adding that though politics is closed to youngsters he is building an organisation to bring more young and fresh people into the political system.

Congress is the only political party which is attracting young and fresh people to improve the quality of politics while other parties still cling on to factors like political linkages and connections, he said.


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