Railway bribery case: Sharp division in Railway unions over Bansal

In sharp division among Railway employees` unions, 4 groups supported Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal as "competent administrator" and that alleged bribery scandal is a "symptom of deep malaise".

Updated: May 09, 2013, 22:17 PM IST

New Delhi: In a sharp division among Railway employees` unions, four groups have come out in support of Railway Minister P K Bansal whom they described as a "competent administrator" and that the alleged bribery scandal is a "symptom of deep malaise".
While All India Railwaymen`s Federation Secretary General Shiv Gopal Mishra has demanded resignation of Bansal as the scandal is affecting morale of Railway workers, the four associations have termed the minister as a "competent administrator" who was taking bold steps to put Railways back on track.

"The recent exposure of the money-for-postings scandal is a symptom of deep malaise. While, we condemn any act of bribery, we feel that apportioning the blame on the Railway Minister would be totally unfair," a joint statement, issued by National Federation of Indian Railways, Federation of Indian Railway Officers Association, Promotee Officers Federation and All India RPF Associations, said.

"As a competent administrator with vast knowledge and experience, Bansal has taken bold initiatives to place the Indian Railways on a path of recovery. Postings and promotions at high levels are processed by the Railway Board for onward submission through the Railway Minister to the Appointments Committee of Cabinet for final approval," they said, in a strong defence of the minister.

Mishra, however, has taken a different stand. He said the perception about the involvement of top management in bribery case affects morale of lakhs of railwaymen and something has to be done to strengthen the system.