Stop blaming, join politics: BJP asks professionals

BJP today asked youngsters to come to the mainstream of politics instead of just blaming the government and politicians.

Hyderabad: BJP today asked youngsters to come
to the mainstream of politics instead of just blaming the
government and politicians.

"Politics is not all that bad as it is portrayed in the
media. Instead of complaining about politics, you can join
politics and bring out a change in the system," BJP president
Nitin Gadkari and senior leader M Venkaiah Naidu told IT
professionals during an interactive session here tonight.

Quoting late C Rajagopalachari, Naidu said people would
only get the government they deserve.

"Rajaji had said people get the government they deserve.
A lot of youngsters blame the government and politicians for
everything. Instead of cursing the system, youngsters should
try to make a contribution by joining politics," he said.

Compared with other parties,` where dynastic politics
are deeply rooted, ordinary workers can also become leaders in
BJP, Naidu said.

"Dynasty is tasty to some people. But it is nasty to
democracy. Young leaders should be judged by their ability,
integrity and other qualities, not by their lineage," he said.

"Thankfully, I don`t belong to a political family. I was
an ordinary worker. But I became the president of the party
when it was in power at the Centre," he said.

Stressing the need for good people to join politics,
Gadkari said it is the people who constitute the system.

"You have the best Mercedes car. If the driver is not
good, how can it run properly? Similarly, if good people stay
away from politics, it is the third-rate people who run the
system," he said.

"Politics is not all that bad as it is made out to be.
There are many good people. Youngsters with social
consciousness and determination to do good work can change the
system," he said.

Indian IT professionals, who have made the country proud
worldwide, can definitely make a difference if they take
interest in politics as a means of service to people, he said.

"Once I was on a foreign visit. I told our host about
the competence of Indians in IT and other sectors. He asked me
why did India lag behind. He replied that India is a rich
country but with poor governance," he said.

"Farmers` suicides, Naxalism, poverty, price rise are
some of the problems, the country is beset with. Can`t we
change this? We can, provided, good and competent people like
to come forward," Gadkari said.

The young professionals can take a call on which party
they wanted to be associated with.


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