We have no problem with no-confidence motion: Cong

Congress today said it has no problem with any no-confidence motion but indicated its unwillingness for a debate.

New Delhi: Congress today said it has no problem with any no-confidence motion but indicated its unwillingness for a debate under a rule that entails voting on any issue including FDI in retail during the Winter Session of Parliament beginning tomorrow.
The understanding in the party is that while nobody wants an election and parties will not like the government to fall, a voting during discussion could create difficulties for UPA constituent DMK and outside ally Samajwadi Party in supporting the government on FDI in multi-brand retail.
Both the parties have already expressed reservations against it and if any of them votes against FDI, it will be embarrassing for the government though this poses no threat to its survival.

"Where is the voting in FDI in retail? I do not know. Rules and conventions are very important. Conventions are that these issues (brought by a government order) are not put to vote," party spokesperson P C Chacko told reporters.

He was responding to questions on whether Congress is ready for a debate under Rule 184 that entails voting on the issue of FDI in multi-brand retail as sought by BJP and Left.

Chacko at the same time said his party welcomes if anybody brings a no-confidence motion to test whether the government, which is taking certain decisions, has majority in the House.

"If they (the Opposition) want to defeat the government, the straight forward action is to go for no-confidence motion ...We welcome if any body wants to move a no-confidence motion ...There are certain decisions the government take under executive order.

"The Opposition should not insist on putting them to vote ...If still they feel that the government has done something wrong and should be punished, they can move a no-confidence motion," the Congress spokesperson said.

Chacko also dismissed as "futile exercise" the breach of privilege notices given by BJP MPs Prakash Javadekar and Rajiv Pratap Rudy against Union Minister Anand Sharma, who had assured the House that all stakeholders would be consulted before a decision is taken on FDI issue.