When Lalu became `Prime Minister`!

Lalu Prasad was the `Prime Minister` and Gopinath Munde was the `Speaker`.

Last Updated: Aug 20, 2010, 18:38 PM IST

New Delhi: Lalu Prasad was the `Prime
Minister` and Gopinath Munde was the `Speaker`.

This was the scene in the Lok Sabha after it was adjourned
for the day in view of uproar created by members over salary
hike demand and protest of passage of Indian Medical council
Bill without discussion.

As soon as Deputy Speaker Karia Munda adjourned the House,
members from RJD, SP, BJP staged a dharna inside the well.
Later they staged a mock session in which Munde, Deputy
Leader of BJP, became the Speaker and RJD chief Prasad posed
as the Prime Minister.

Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav was given the
task of ensuring smooth functioning of the mock session.

During the mock session, which was participated around 70
MPs, `debates` were held including on the Medical Council

During the `debate`, Maneka Gandhi (BJP) spoke. After some
time, she was asked by `Speaker` Munde to wind up her speech
because of paucity of time.

"I was elected Prime Minister for today. We will see what
is to be done tomorrow. I heard the views of the `House` and
the people`s government decided to reject outright the bills
cleared today," Prasad later told reporters.

"There was no Leader of the Opposition (in the mock
session) as it was a national government," said the former
Bihar chief minister, who has always nurtured the ambition of
becoming prime minister.
The RJD chief, while giving details of the deliberations
of the mock session, said the "members of the new government"
will meet again tomorrow at 1000 hours and discuss the salary
and other bills.

Prasad said the "people`s government" was formed as the
government was acting in an "undemocratic and
unconstitutional" manner by clearing two important bills
without debate and not accepting the demands of the members.

Besides the Medical Council Bill, the In the din, the
House approved amendments made by the Trade Marks (Amendment)
bill was passed by voice.