Zee Exclusive: Aarushi case suspects claim innocence

The 3 persons detained in connection with recovery of Aarushi`s cell phone have accused CBI of torture.

Updated: Sep 16, 2009, 19:21 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

Noida/New Delhi: The three persons arrested in connection with the recovery of the cell phone of Aarushi Talwar, after their release on Wednesday, pleaded innocence and accused the CBI of torturing and threatening them.

Speaking to Zee News, the three – Rambhool, his sister Kusum and brother-in-law Vyas – claimed that they have nothing to do with the murder of Aarushi last year in Noida.
Rambhool, from whose possession the phone was found, claimed that he was absolutely innocent. He said the police tortured him and threatened to strip his sister naked if he didn`t reveal the truth. He also claimed that all three of them underwent a lie-detector test and their finger imprints were also taken by the probing agency.

He also claimed that his interrogators forced him to sign on blank papers, before letting him go.

Giving an account of the mobile trail, Rambhool– from who the police claim to have recovered the missing mobile from (though later another person, Jeetendra, claimed that the police recovered the missing mobile from him and asked him to keep his mouth shut) – said that his sister gave him the mobile and at that time there was neither any SIM card nor any memory card in the mobile. He further stated that he gave the mobile to his friend Vijay Pal Singh for about two months and it was only in January-February that he inserted a SIM into it and started using it.

Rambhool denied the presence of any distinctive character in the mobile and said there were no missed calls, call lists or any such record. He also cleared the Jeetendra mystery by saying that the latter belonged to his village and asked him for the mobile for a few days. Rambhool told Zee News that he gave the cell phone to him sans the SIM card.

Her sister Kusum, who was also present alongside, said that she found the mobile last summer on her way to Sector 40 and gave it to her brother after 15 days. She claimed ignorance about the usage of mobiles.
Meanwhile, the CBI has said it is keeping a tab on 4 numbers through which calls were made from the mobile since it went missing.

Earlier, talking to Zee News, Jeetendra said that the police had recovered the phone from him and coerced him to keep his mouth shut. He also accused the police of beating him and threatening to harass his family and added that he had bought the cellphone from Rambhool for Rs 2000.

CBI has been maintaining a studied silence over the recovery of the mobile phone by Delhi Police`s Crime Branch.

CBI spokesperson Harsh Bahal declined to confirm or deny if they had got the mobile from Delhi Police. The instrument that could give some clues had been missing since the sensational double murder in Noida.

The cellphone bearing the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), same as Aarushi`s Nokia N-72, was allegedly recovered from Ramphool, a class IV government employee, in Khurja locality of Bulandshahr on Saturday, 16 months after the girl and her domestic help Hemraj were found murdered in her Noida home.