`One-man policy giving rise to suicide attacks`

PML-Nchief has said that suicide attacks are taking place in the country due to continuation of one-man policy.

Palandri: Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif has said that suicide attacks are taking place in the country due to continuation of one-man policy.

“Pakistan’s borders are being violated. Planes fly from inside Pakistan and launch drone attacks. The government deceives people. Hypocrisy is being practiced. The rulers nod their heads to the US on drone attacks and sanction it to do whatever it wills”, the Daily Times quoted him, as addressing a public gathering.

“We talk of reforming the country and protecting future of the country. We were ridiculed as a friendly opposition and tolerated this remark for the sake of the country. We supported the government for three years in the hope that perhaps fate of the country might change,” he added.

Highlighting the corruption rampant in the country, he alleged though Kerry Lugar Bill provided 150 billion dollars to Pakistan, corruption ranging from 500 billion to 700 billion rupees was being committed.

“…What is the use of this government which has not addressed problems of people during the last three years?” he questioned.

He highlighted the Pakistan’s polity was riddled with instability as sometimes martial law comes in force and, dictatorship at other times. Sometimes parliamentary or presidential system prevails in the country.

“Constitution is used by someone to serve one’s personal interests and sometimes parliament and courts are empowered to make or break the constitution. It is tyrannical,” he added.

He said guard of honour should not be presented to those who abrogated the constitution and added their hands instead should be broken.

He said that Pakistan stood isolated in the comity of nations and no one except China and Saudi Arabia sided with Pakistan.

“How come Pakistan can make progress when incidents like Abbottabad, PNS Mehran, Kharotabad and Karachi take place?” he concluded.


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