Pak Army posts attacked; 26 soldiers killed

Militants from across the Pak-Afghan border have consistently attacked Pakistani check-posts.

Islamabad: At least 26 Pakistani soldiers
were killed when hundreds of militants swarmed across from
Afghanistan to attack several Army posts in Chitral area of
north western Pakistan on Saturday.

This was the biggest in series of attacks that Pakistani
officials say have been launched from an area of eastern
Afghanistan where the US has largely pulled out its troops.

Police in the region confirmed 12 deaths. Those killed
include Pakistani soldiers and police, who were manning the
border check posts, official said.

Express TV reported that 26 Pakistani security personnel
were killed in attack by Afghan militants.

Police said militants crossed into Pakistani territory
and launched attack on a Pakistani police post at the border
area of Arando.

The attack prompted clashes between the Pakistani border
troops and the militants. Several militants were also killed,
they said.

TV channels reported that Pakistani forces also blew up
four bridges apparently to foil attempt by the militants to
come deep into Pakistani territory.

The clashes resulted into the blockade of main road
between Chitral and the border region of Arando, forcing the
people to stay indoor, Express TV reported.

TV channels earlier reported that a large number of
militants launched pre-dawn attacks on several posts with
rockets and heavy weapons.

Several rockets landed on the camps of `Chitral Scouts`.
Pakistani forces also returned fire and inflicted heavy
casualties on the militants, reports said.

Chitral borders Afghanistan`s Badakhshan province.
It was not clear if the Afghan or Pakistani militants had
been involved in the attack.

The Army says that Pakistani militants have now
established bases in Afghanistan`s border regions and launch
attacks into Pakistan from there.

Police sources claimed that the attackers looked like
Afghans, who returned to Afghanistan after the attack.

Pakistan sent more troops to the border. It is the
second attack on Pakistani posts in Chitral from Afghan

Pakistan Army said last month that nearly 50 Pakistani
soldiers and several civilians had been killed in at least
five attacks on border check posts by militants who crossed
into Pakistan from Afghan territory.

Army spokesman, Major General Athar Abbas said that
Pakistani Taliban leaders Maulvi Faqir, Maulvi Fazalulah and
Muhammad Wali, have now established bases in Afghanistan and
routinely launch attacks on Pakistani border posts.

Afghan authorities had rejected Pakistani claim and
Afghan Taliban denied any involvement in attacks on Pakistani


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