US drone strikes will continue in Pakistan: Graham

A top US Senator has acknowledged that relationship with Pakistan has never been worse as it is now.

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2012, 09:32 AM IST

Washington: Acknowledging that relationship with Pakistan has never been worse as it is now, a top US Senator said that the drone strikes in that country will continue.

"The drone attacks will continue. They must continue to deal with the threats in the tribal region, the ungoverned part of Pakistan," Senator Lindsey Graham, said in an interview.

"This is where al Qaeda and the Taliban go to seek refuge, and these attacks coming out of Afghanistan are not attacks on the Pakistani people. They are attacks on terrorists who want to undermine us, kill our soldiers, and also undermine Pakistan," he said.

Graham said, Pakistan, he thinks is not going to change its behaviour until they believe that the US is going to be successful in Afghanistan.

"The more you talk about leaving Iraq, the more you talk about leaving Afghanistan, the more uncertainty you create in the region," he said.

"The day that the Pakistani government and Army realise that Afghanistan is not going to go back into the hands of the Taliban will be the day that they stop betting on the Taliban," he said.