US withdraws aircraft from Pakistan flood relief work

It is now possible to reach Pakistan`s flood-affected areas by road.

Islamabad: The US has withdrawn its cargo aircraft from flood relief work in Pakistan as it was now possible to reach the affected areas by road, a media report said on Wednesday.

The decision to withdraw aircraft was taken after Islamabad told Washington that US military C-17 and C-130 aircraft and other international cargo plane airlift support were not needed any more as the focus of aid delivery had shifted from air to ground transportation, Dawn reported.

"Our C-130 and C-17 air crews were honoured to partner with our Pakistani allies in their time of need and rapidly meet their requests for heavy-lift assistance in support of flood relief," Vice Admiral Mike LeFever, the US defence representative to Pakistan, was quoted as saying.

"We remain ready and prepared to support any further requests from the government of Pakistan if needed again at some future time."

The US military helicopter relief flights, however, will continue to operate from the Ghazi aviation base, near Tarbela, and the Pano Aqil air base, near Sukkur.