Young man buries himself to get cured in Pak
Last Updated: Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 18:53
Karachi: A young man buried himself alive allegedly on instructions of his fake spiritual leader, in a case that highlights the growing menace of superstition in Pakistani society.

The incident took place in Nankana Sahib in the Punjab province and the young man Safdar Hussain was only saved after his parents realised after burying him for nearly 48 hours that he would suffocate to death.

"Safdar has not been keeping well for years now and despite many medical treatments he remains unwell.

So he went to this Pir Bhutta in Multan who has a reputation o curing people with such chronic illnesses," brother of the victim, Altaf said.

He said that Pir Bhutta had ordered Safdar to remained buried for two weeks as part of a "Chila" and he would be cured of all illnesses permanently.

"My brother was desperate and my parents also agreed to this form of Chila and helped bury him in the courtyard of our house two days ago," Altaf said.

TV channels showed visuals of Safdar explaining how he survived in his grave by inserting a thin bamboo pipe from the grave for breathing.


First Published: Tuesday, January 12, 2010, 18:53

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