NASA`s go-ahead to Discovery`s last voyage

NASA has given green light to launch of Discovery after resolving a problem with a small fuel leak.

Washington: NASA has given the green light to the launch of Discovery Nov 1 after resolving a problem associated with a small fuel leak.

Discovery, which will be making its last voyage to space as NASA winds down the space shuttle programme, was cleared for blastoff at 2040 GMT after completing a flight readiness review, the space agency said Monday.

NASA engineers drained a fuel line and replaced two seals to ensure a leak would not persist.

NASA is planning at least one more launch of a space shuttle after Discovery some time next year and has not ruled out a second flight.

Discovery will be carrying the last US module to the International Space Station, designed provide additional storage and laboratory space. Discovery will bring additional spare cargo and a new, different kind of resident - the first human-like robot in space, called Robonaut 2 (R2).


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