Wind, new power projects propel Jaya's Tamil Nadu shining slogan

 Tamil Nadu is now meeting its entire demand of electricity from new power generation projects and wind energy initiatives.

Chennai: Tamil Nadu is now meeting its entire demand of electricity from new power generation projects and wind energy initiatives.

"Tamil Nadu now shines as a state that has fulfilled its electricity needs, " Chief Minister Jayalalithaa said in a recent statement.

According to sources, Tamil Nadu now meets its entire average demand per day of about 13,000 MW (approximately 300 Million Units) without any load shedding and compulsory cuts for industries and commercial users.

Power generation from new projects including Vallur and Mettur, long term Power Purchase Agreements and tapping of solar power, were among the steps cited by the chief minister for achieving this feet.

The current situation is in stark contrast to the serious power crisis the state was undergoing when she assumed office in 2011.

Rampant power cuts and electricity shortage for both domestic users and industries during the 2006-11 period became a major election issue during the 2011 state assembly polls.

Against such a background, Jayalalithaa said her government has fulfilled the electoral promise of overcoming power shortage.

Out of the total requirement of 13,000 MW for Tamil Nadu, about 3000-3500 MW comes from wind, 3800 MW from Thermal, 3000 MW from Central Generating Stations, 500 MW Hydro, 350 MW from gas and rest from other sources including long term power purchase agreements for supply of power.

The power supply is expected to get further augmented next month after 563 MW of electricity from Kudankulam nuclear plant, which was shutdown last month for maintenance, is made available.

Similarly, the North Chennai Stage II (600 MW) is under maintenance. Despite such units now not contributing, the demand is being met, officials say.

As Tamil Nadu witnesses a steady rise in its electricity needs, which is about 15-20 per cent a year, new power projects such as five solar power units totalling 648 MW of the Adani group with which the State recently inked a pact, are on the anvil.

Authorities here are also taking remedial measures to address quality issues such as voltage fluctuations and power cuts which they attribute to localised factors including maintenance, equipment malfunction and cable fault.

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