BSP not to contest local body polls: Mayawati

Smarting under poll debacle, BSP expressed fears about return of goondaraj in Uttar Pradesh.

Lucknow: Smarting under poll debacle, BSP on Sunday expressed fears about return of `goondaraj` in Uttar
Pradesh and said it would not contest the upcoming local body
polls, apprehending that the ruling Samajwadi Party might
target its candidates.

"SP`s record has always been bad in this regard. Under
such circumstances not only there is question on free and fair
conduct of forthcoming local bodies elections, but there is
also apprehension of large scale violence and loss of lives of
our men, which I cannot tolerate," BSP supremo Mayawati said
addressing a national workers convention here.

Announcing that the BSP had to take some strong decisions
under the prevailing circumstances, she ruled out BSP`s
participation in any election in the state which is not held
directly under the supervision of the election commission or
the central forces.

"Barring Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, polls of local
bodies and panchayat are not held under direct supervision of
the EC and CPMF, but are conducted by state election machinery
and police," the former chief minister said.

"As a result of this the BSP has decided not to contest
any election, including forthcoming local bodies elections,
which is not held under the supervision of the EC and
CPMF...if any party leader or office-bearer participate in
it then he will be immediately suspended," she said.

She said the decision was taken to protect the partymen
from loss of life or property.

The BSP chief alleged that free and fair elections
were not possible under SP government with its administration
and police.

She said the recently concluded elections had exposed the
bitter truth that despite a difference of 24.5 lakh votes, SP
got absolute majority in the Assembly as compared to BSP.

"Now the SP people are claiming election results to be a
mandate in their favour. They are considering that after this
they have also got mandate to estbalish jungleraj and
goondaraj in the state," she alleged.

She said after recent incidents of violence apprehensions
of return of goondaraj were being expressed.

"This is a matter of concern. It is a matter of special
concern for the BSP as partymen are being targeted," she

Civic body polls are due to be held in Uttar Pradesh this
year for which the dates have not been announced.

Going into possible reasons behind the BSP`s defeat in
UP, Mayawati said when Congress raised the issue of Muslim
quota, BJP opposed it and in the process made an attempt to
attract OBC votes.

"Wary of the fact that BJP may come to power, Muslims
keeping in view weak position of Congress transferred their
nearly 70 per cent votes to SP candidates," she said.

Reviewing outcome of the assembly elections, she said
difference of 24.5 lakh votes between SP and BSP made
unprecedented difference in 144 seats.

She said the political situation in the wake of assembly
results of five states would certainly affect state and
national politics.

Noting that possiblity of mid-term polls cannot be ruled
out, she said, "It seems that the general elections of Lok
Sabha would be held much before 2014. Therefore, the party
workers should remain prepared at all levels," she said.

Referring to issues of price rise, unemployment and
corruption, Mayawati alleged that anti-people and poor
policies of Congress-led UPA government were responsible for
these problems.

She said time has come when power at the Centre should be
in the "right hands". Mayawati also announced major changes in
the organisation in the state by dissolving all committees
including bhaichara and zonal, party sources said.