Narendra Modi`s Bahraich rally: As it happened

Amid mounting security concerns, Bharatiya Janata Party`s prime ministerial candidate addresses a rally in Bahraich in Uttar Pradesh.

Updated: Nov 08, 2013, 22:07 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Kamna Arora

3:15 pm: Narendra Modi has concluded his speech.

3:13 pm: Say Bharat Mata Ki Jay. Say it so loudly so that Indian Mujahideen members feel scared, says Modi.

3:13 pm: Uttar Pradesh hindustan ka bhagya vidhata ban sakat hain.

3:12 pm: If Uttar Pradesh decides, India can get political stability: Modi

3:10 pm: If we have to save farmers, we will have to increase productivity. In Gujarat, sugar mills start working after Dussehra. Here Diwali has gone by, but the mills are yet to start functioning. Isn`t that unfair to our farmers? We have used science in Gujarat to improve sugar yield.

3:08 pm: We have to stress on skill development - that is the only way we can ensure jobs for youth.

3:07 pm: The youth of this state are very capable. There is no district, tehsil of UP, whose youth don`t stay in Gujarat. People in UP are honest and hardworking. When they can do wonders for Gujarat, UP can also take their advantage.

3:06 pm: There was no electricity in MP. Look at the roads in Madhya Pradesh. In 10 years, more roads have been made under BJP rule than were made in 50 years. If Madhya Pradesh can, then UP can also come out of its problems.

3:05 pm: Madhya Pradesh was also `beemaru` state like Uttar Pradesh, but in the last 10 years the Madhya Pradesh farmer gets water in his fields, all thanks to Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

3:04 pm: Whatever be the name, SP or BSP, their character, DNA, motive are one.

3:03 pm: Let me give you an example. A great actor (Amitabh Bachchan) was an ambassador for UP but they did not ask him for his time. We utilised his reputation and talent. He said `kuch din to kato Gujarat mein` - and look what wonders that has done for the tourism of our state.

3:02 pm: Mamata Didi fights with Delhi for West Bengal. But SP, BSP leaders protect Delhi and save them. They ask for help in CBI cases, not in welfare of UP people. They are selfish.

3:00 pm: There is a competition between the SP and BSP. The parties here are competing whose party has more criminals, who makes more money through corruption. Why are they not asking for what benefit the people? SP and BSP are saving Delhi`s government.

2:59 pm: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister is young. He wrote a letter to me, saying he wanted a lion. The previous Chief Minister likes elephants, this one likes lion safaris. We gave them lions, but I wondered why did they not ask for cows from Gir, electricity or the knowledge to set up a dairy like Amul to assist farmers? You need to know what is to be asked for the welfare of the people.

2:57 pm: I have heard that electricity is available in the Chief Minister`s constituency, then in Khan Sahab`s constituency, but not in the rest of the state. The ruler is the one who first provides amenities to people, than uses them himself.

2:56 pm: Is there electricity in Uttar Pradesh, Modi asks and crowd says no. In this state, power cut is not a news, but power delivery is.

2:55 pm: I told him it is difficult and that is why people chose me to get it done. I proudly declare that electricity is 24-hour available in Gujarat villages.

2:54 pm: I was told that by a politician that my 24-hour electricity promise is not possible.

2:53 pm: They say Gujarat was already developed. When I became the CM, there was an acute shortage of electricty in Gujarat villages. I decided to tackle this and told officers that if Gandhinagar gets 24-hour electricity supply, Gujarat villages should also get it.

2:52 pm: Leaders here are interested in vote-bank politics and nothing else. In that politics, IM is forming terror modules and getting protection. They are not bothered about the safety of people, but of their own.

2:51 pm: Till when, you will bear such people, asks Modi. Now it is time for them to go. The country in 21st century is not ready to bear them anymore. The state gave birth to four generation of leaders. Only if Uttar Pradesh had progressed, the country would have fared better.

2:50 pm: I am shocked that the state which gave eight PMs to the country is in this state.

2:49 pm: Shouldn`t those in the Centre reply to this? You are running the government and it is you responsibility, but they are asking me questions.

2:48 pm: Whether I am seen on a TV screen or not, I have a space in the hearts of millions of Indians. Whether they telecast our speech or not, we have already made our way into the hearts of people. Congress and its allies ruled for 60 years but what did you get? Did poverty decline? Was there any change? Why is health care not provided to people?

2:47 pm: The baffled Congress is trying to stifle our voice.

2:46 pm: The event for which the channels got the notice took place on August 15, and the notice was served last week. They are worried. On October 27, Modi, Rajnath Singh were shown speaking in Patna, but media didn`t show Shehzaada`s speech he delivered in Delhi. He (Rahul Gandhi) was seen but Modi was heard.

2:45 pm: You will be amazed to know the Information and Broadcasting Ministry last week issued advisory to channels over “denigration” of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s Independence Day speech from Red Fort. The channels were asked how dare they did live coverage of Modi`s speech on that day. It should have been banned, says Modi.

2:44 pm: Our sisters and brothers of Bihar celebrate Chhath Puja. Terrorists killed innocent people ahead of Chhath. Wives lost their husbands, children their fathers and mothers their sons, how will they celebrate Chhath. What was their fault? Was their crime that they said Bharat Ma Ki Jai, asks Modi. Should there be a place for violence and terrorism in a democracy? No, there is no place: Narendra Modi

2:42 pm: In the next elections, SP, BSP and Congress will not come to fight the polls. The CBI and Indian Mujahideen will be fighting to save the Congress. Go to the people and face us. Don`t attack us like cowards using underhand tactics.

2:40 pm: Those who`ve failed to beat me in three consecutive elections, those who were humiliated and feel that by democratic processes, they can`t defeat us, they have a new tactic. They use the CBI, give a free hand to the Indian Mujahideen.

The way people are indulging in vote bank politics, the statements being made
2:39 pm: I ask those `shehenshahs` in power in Uttar Pradesh, what was the reason you jailed two of our MLAs and your case did not stand in a court of law? For vote-bank politics, they don`t want to keep criminals in jail and want to imprison innocent people.

2:38 pm: UPA is worried as they are going to lose for sure. If BJP forms the government, those who ruined the nation, they know where they will stand.

2:37 pm: People intoxicated with power have realised that they are in trouble, says Modi.

2:36 pm: The weather is changing, not just here, but in the whole country. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, there is a wave of change: Modi

2:35 pm: I was later told that I do not have to work as Organisation secretary anymore but as Chief Minister of Gujarat, Modi tells crowd

2:34 pm: In 2001, my last programme as BJP general secretary was in Bahraich. I was then told to cancel the programme and move to Delhi, says Narendra Modi

2:32 pm: I bow before this land. It is very special to me, says Modi

2:31 pm: Narendra Modi thanks dignitaries for their presence.

2:30 pm: Narendra Modi begins `Vijay Shanknaad rally` in Bahraich amidst tight security.