Brit surrogate mum for Osama’s grandchild

Osama bin Laden’s son, Omar, has found a British woman to carry his child.

London: Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden’s son, Omar bin Laden, has found a surrogate mother to carry his child.

The British woman - Louise Pollard - is undergoing fertility treatment thought to be IVF, so that she can give birth to Laden and his Brit wife Jane Felix Browne’s child.

The Qatar-based pair - who are desperate to have a child but cannot on their own - contacted Louise through a surrogacy website. Their earlier attempts to conceive failed and so they asked Pollard to be the surrogate mom, who is due to have a pregnancy test any day now.

According to The Sun, although Omar already has a child from a previous marriage, after tying the knot with Browne, he is keen on having another. Louise, who has been a surrogate mum twice before and has a three-year-old son of her own, told pals she has made three trips to Dubai since the beginning of April. She is thought to be Britain`s youngest surrogate mum and appeared on ITV`s This Morning yesterday to talk about her conceptions.

"I have my next surrogacy lined up. I am using the mother`s eggs and the husband`s sperm but I am not going to rule out using my own eggs," The Sun quoted her as saying.

Omar’s applications to move to Britain have been rejected multiple times for obvious reasons, but he thinks things could turn around if he becomes the father of a British child.


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