Canadian police probe claims of locals training with al Qaeda

Report said British, Americans, Germans are also receiving militant training.

Updated: Jan 16, 2011, 12:07 PM IST

Montreal: National police are investigating claims that a dozen Canadians have received al Qaeda training aimed at carrying out attacks in Canadian cities, a police official said on Saturday.

The Hong Kong-based Asia Times reported that the Canadians arrived in Afghanistan last February and moved to Pakistan after nine months. They received explosives training, the Times reported, but there was no indication of when they would return to Canada.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said an investigation was underway

"Any information that we receive, we look at assessing its credibility and then taking proper actions to ensure that Canadians and our allies are kept safe," assistant commissioner Gilles Michaud, head of the national security program, said.

"If the conclusion is that the threat is credible, appropriate measures are taken."

The report, citing "well-placed Taliban sources”, said British, Americans and Germans are also receiving militant training.

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