Did police sell details of London bombing victims?

London bombings` survivors fear that their contact details were sold to News of the World journos.

London: As investigations continue at various levels in the phone-hacking scandal, survivors of the
2005 London bombings fear that their contact details with the police may have been sold to News of the World journalists.

According to Beverli Rhodes, Chair of the Survivors` Coalition Foundation, many victims suspected that personal contact details, including mobile phone and ex-directory landline numbers as well as home addresses, were passed by police officers to the journalists of the now-defunct News of the World.

She said she had been contacted by survivors of the bombings, who said they had been approached by News of the World reporters with bogus stories of how they obtained their details, which they believe may have originated with the police, The Observer reported today.

Rhodes told the paper: "Scotland Yard had the full list of survivor contact details. I am pretty sure that is how the News of the World got my home address. I had only moved there maybe three or four weeks before News of the World reporters turned up. The only place where my new details were stored were the post office, bank, doctor and Scotland Yard".

She added: "The suspicion is that the full list was given or sold on to the newspaper or News International or fell into someone`s lap when visiting the Yard.

"One of the survivors` phone numbers, are not listed and only known to me and family, but they had addresses to homes, home phone numbers, mobile phones."


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