Egyptian military gets Al-Tahrir sqaure vacated

Cairo`s famous Al-Tahrir square, which stood witness to the uprising against President Mubarak, has been vacated.

Updated: Feb 15, 2011, 10:55 AM IST

Cairo: Egyptian military police has
finally succeeded in getting Al-Tahrir square vacated from the young protestors, who spent about 20 days there during the
uprising against the Egypt`s President Hosni Mubarak.

Scuffles had broken out Saturday between the soldiers
and some of the protesters as the Army tried to clear the
Square to enable normal traffic movement.

Some protesters said they wanted more concrete steps
to be taken before they withdraw their demonstration

But later in day, the military dissolved the
parliament and suspended the constitution, meeting two major
demands of the protesters.
The council said it would be in charge of the
government for six months or until parliamentary elections are
held to decide the next government.

Some protest organisers have called for a "Victory
March" to be held across the country on Friday.

Former president Mubarak handed over power to the
military last week forced by an unprecedented mass movement
that shook not only Egypt but the entire Arab world.

Three weeks ago policemen and security personnel in
uniform were chasing Egyptian protestors down the streets,
firing tear gas and rubber bullets at them and arresting them
if they could.
Just like everything in Egypt has changed since
January 25, so did they.

After the victory of the pro-democracy demonstrators,
hundreds of policemen took to the Al-Tahrir square blaming the
deposed minister of the interior for the deterioration in the
relations between the people and the police.

While the protestors were hailing the army which took
to the street to preserve security chanting "The army and the
people are one"; the police protestors were chanting "The
police and the people are one".