Gaza crisis: As it happened

Even as Egypt and UN have been urging both the warring sides to return to the negotiating table, Israel and Gaza have continued escalating the cross-border fire that has entered Day 49 today.

Zee Media Bureau/Supriya Jha and Tarun Khanna

  • The death toll in Israel`s air strike on Hamas targets has gone up to eight. While six of the dead Palestinians were killed in Israeli air strike, the other two succumbed to wounds sustained in earlier attacks, Gaza medics said.
  • Twelve mortar shells were fired at a kibbutz in southern Israel. However, no injuries or casualties have been reported, said Haaretz.
  • Four Palestinians including two women and a three-year-old boy were killed on the 49th day of the war as Israel attacked Hamas targets with air strikes and tanks, PTI report.

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  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will hand over a proposal to US Secretary of State John Kerry to end the Gaza crisis in the coming days, MENA quoted lawmaker for Fatah Movement Abdullah Abdullah as telling the Washington-based Radio Sawa.

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  • An Egyptian official has confirmed that mediators have contacted Palestinians and Israel and proposed new ceasefire in Gaza that would open the blockaded enclave`s crossings and allow in aid and reconstruction materials, as per AFP report.
  • Two mosques at Beit Hanun, in the north of the Strip, and in Gaza City were demolished in overnight Israeli strikes, reported the AFP.
  • Overnight Israeli strikes killed two Palestinians, raising the death toll to 2,122, reports said.
  • Releasing a page from the so-called `terror training manual` of Hamas, Israeli Army seeks to make its case stronger against the Palestinian militants, saying that the document proves that Hamas intentionally uses residential areas, homes, hospitals, mosques, etc as military command centres, reported the Reuters.

    Israel says its forces had stumbled upon a 102-page terrorist manual of Hamas in the town of Beit Hanoun in Gaza in late July. The manual reportedly contains instructions on how to handle explosives at home.

  • A ceasefire is expected to be agreed between Israel and Hamas in a "matter of hours", reported the Haaretz citing a top Palestinian officials. However, no official statement has been made about it yet
  • Rocket sirens are heard in Tel Aviv, hours after Jerusalm was targeted, said the IDF, which in response struck the rocket launcher that fired at capital city.
  • Israeli forces claim to have killed a top Hamas official who dealt with the group`s financial transactions.

    The death of Mohammed al-Ghul, a Hamas finance official was confirmed by Palestinian doctors.

    Ghul "was an important Hamas actor who dealt with transferring funds to build terror infrastructure in Gaza, such as tunnels, and was a key target," Israeli army spokesman Major Arye Shalicar was quoted as saying.

  • Meanwhile, the IDF says that 4 rockets were fired at Ashkelon from Gaza earlier today. In the last 24 hours terrorists fired 135 rockets at Israel, the IDF added.
  • In another tweet, Israeli PM mocked Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal`s claim that it does not target civilians by saying that a 4-year-old was killed by Hamas mortar two days ago.

    “Hamas terrorists stationed near a school in Gaza fired a mortar yesterday that killed 4-year-old Daniel Tragerman,” Israeli Army said in a statement. 

  • After an Israeli strike toppled a 12-storey apartment tower and a 7-storey building in Gaza, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his warning to the residents to evacuate from those areas where Hamas was carrying out terrorist activities. 

    He also said that the mission in Gaza will continue till its aim was achieved,

    Even as Egypt and UN have been urging both the warring sides to return to the negotiating table, Israel and Gaza have continued escalating the cross-border fire that has entered Day 49 today.

    More than 2100 Palestinians and 68 Israelis have died in Israeli strikes which resumed last week after the latest ceasefire was violated by Gaza. 
    Israel launched operation Protective Edge against Hamas on July 8 to halt rockets being fired from Gaza. 

    The latest ceasefire was broken last week after three rockets were fired towards Israel, prompting it to recall its negotiators from Egypt, which is trying to broker a longer-term ceasefire.

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