Greatest UK inventions: Toilet rolls, fish fingers

UK Parliament members were asked to nominate the best example of design for an online Exhibition.

London: Forget television, jet engine and
the lightbulb. Bizarre it may appear, but the greatest British
inventions have been named as the toilet roll, fish finger,
custard creams, and the aeroplane ejector seat.

All Members of British Parliament were asked to
nominate the best example of design from their constituency
for an online Great Exhibition. Instead of historic triumphs
of engineering, politicians singled out everyday items.

John Stevenson, MP for Carlisle, who put forward
Custard Creams, said: "They`re a British classic."
Grimsby MP Austin Mitchell, suggested fish fingers,
saying, "I`m proud of the fish fingers made by local company

Guy Opperman, MP for Wrexham, North Wales, named SCA
-- which supplies one in five of UK loo rolls. He said: "Local
people literally queue to join the firm."

Attorney General Dominic Grieve, MP for Beaconsfield,
who nominated the Martin-Baker aeroplane ejector seat, said:
"Their inventions have saved over 7,350 lives."

The campaign -- fronted by Business Secretary Vince
Cable -- will trumpet Britain`s manufacturing genius and marks
the Queen`s Diamond Jubilee next year, the `News of the World`
tabloid reported.

Dr Cable said: "We export our goods to every corner of
the world."

Chris White MP, chairman of Associate Parliamentary
Manufacturing Group, which is running the campaign, said: "I
hope this dispels the myth Britain doesn`t make anything any


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