Israeli PM`s military attaché stays away from UK

Activists might try to have Yohanan Locker arrested on war crimes charges.

Updated: May 05, 2011, 14:07 PM IST

Jerusalem: The Israeli Army says the Prime Minister`s military attaché did not accompany him to Britain this week, fearing pro-Palestinian activists might try to have him arrested on war crimes charges.

Major General Yohanan Locker was deputy chief of the Israel Air Force during Israel`s war in Gaza two years ago.

Activists critical of Israel`s conduct in Gaza have sought to arrest other Israeli officials under a British law that allows foreigners to be prosecuted for alleged war crimes committed anywhere in the world.

Given the threat, the military said on Thursday that Locker was advised not to travel to Britain with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week.

Other Israeli officials have also called off visits to Britain. The law has strained relations between the two countries.

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