More aid required to solve Somalian conflict: UN official

The UN Secretary General for Somalia, stressed for more help to solve Somalian conflict.

Madrid: The special representative
of the UN Secretary General for Somalia, Augustine P Mahiga,
stressed on the need for more international help to resolve
the conflict in the country.

In his view, Somalia should receive as much attention as
is given to Iraq or Afghanistan.

"The Somali conflict is one of the most complex crises
not only in Africa but in the world," Mahiga said yesterday,
who also complained that the country seems to have been

Mahiga expressed this view at the end of the 18th Meeting
of the International Contact Group (ICG) for Somalia, which
was held in capital.

On Monday, the president of the Transitional Federal
Government of Somalia, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed Sharif, attended
the forum along with delegates from 45 countries.

"Aid received by Somalia from international partners is
important in all areas, but we have not solved the problem in
20 years," he said.

"We need more help. And the aid should not only be in
euros and dollars, but mainly on political will and
commitment," reiterated Mahiga.

Since 1991, after Mohamed Siad Barre was overthrown,
Somalia lacks a strong central authority and a large part of
the territory is under the control of warlords and other armed



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