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Mubarak era is over: Albright

Ex US Secy of State, Madeline Albright said that the Mubarak era is over.

Updated: Feb 06, 2011, 22:08 PM IST

Washington: As anti-government protest
entered its 13th day in Egypt, former US Secretary of State,
Madeline Albright on Sunday said that the "Mubarak era" is over.

"My own personal opinion, is the Mubarak era is over. The
question is how to have a process that really works properly,
that allows these various voices to come together and not
disagree on some of the tactical aspects," Albright told the
CNN in an interview.

Given the political turmoil in Egypt, she felt Israel has
every reason to be anxious.

"They have known forever that they live in a very
dangerous neighbourhood and they clearly are concerned. I
think that Egypt has played a key role in terms of a peace
with Israel.

And they have reason to be anxious," she said.

"I think we all care about the security of Israel, and my
own feeling is that it`s very hard for Egypt to play the
important role that it has to if it is not moving into this
transitional phase and developing a democratic system that
allows it to be a stable country," Albright said.

"So I can see why Israel is anxious, but I think Israel
has to deal with its neighbourhood, why I have believed in the
two-state solution, and I hope that the peace talks go
forward," she said.

Albright, who now chairs the National Democratic
Institute, said the US wants to have a process that provides a
peaceful transition.

"It does have to be a rapid process, it has to be
democratic, it has to be inclusive, and I think that we`re
very clear that there has to be a transition process that
represents the will of the Egyptian people," she said.

At the same time, Crowley noted that the United States
cannot micromanage the process in Egypt.

"What we have to do, however, is make clear that the
process itself is important and arriving at a democratic
solution is important which is, in fact, inclusive democratic,
peaceful, and rapid.

And I think that the administration has been walking a
very delicate line quite well. It`s difficult," she observed.