Myanmar`s great transformation in sight: Syu Kyi

Pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi has appealed to the international community to support efforts for major political reforms in her country.

Davos: Pointing out that Myanmar was on the
threshold of "great transformation", pro-democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi has appealed to the international community to
support efforts for major political reforms in her country.

"The possibility of a "great transformation" is in sight
for our country," Suu Kyi, General Secretary of the National
League for Democracy, said while addressing the participants
in a taped video at the World Economic Forum`s Annual Meeting

"I would like to appeal to all those who wish to promote
the interests of Burma, and other nations and societies
struggling for peace and stability, development and
prosperity, to support us in our efforts to take the next
crucial task, that will enable us to bridge the gap between
potential and fulfillment," the 66-year-old Nobel Peace Prize
winner said.

"We are not yet at the point of a great transformation but
we have a rare and extremely precious opportunity to reach
such a point.

"That Minister U Soe Thane (Industry minister) is
attending the 2012 World Economic Forum is a sign of the
positive changes that have been taking place in our country",
she said.

Suu Kyi was under house arrest in 1990 when her party, the
National League for Democracy, won the election by a
landslide, but the military junta rejected the results.

She was released in November 2010 after spending most of
the past 20 years under house arrest or in prison. Her release
came days after the nation`s first election in two decades.

Syu Kyi, said an important step that will take Myanmar, a
country that has been ruled by junta for more than five
decades, nearer to a truly revolutionary breakthrough will be
the inclusion of all relevant political forces in the
electoral and legislative process of our country.

"We are now reconstructing our party and preparing to
contest by elections scheduled for first April....

"I would like to emphasise the need to resolve ethnic
conflicts and democratisation into the national assembly," she

She wished to create a political, social and economic
environment that will bring ethical, new and innovative
investments to Myanmar.

"We would like to draw up our blue print for a
sustainable new model economy with a view to the future needs
of our globe, social and environmental concerns, woven into
food, water and energy needs," she said.

She added, "please support our endeavors to make Burma
the shining representative of what can be possible if we
cooperate in our efforts to make our world a happier, safer
home for all our peoples".


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