Obama tells kids that he loses his mind over chips and guacamole

Revealing the culinary weakness of the First Family, US President Barack Obama has told kids that he "loses his mind" over chips and guacamole.

Washington: Revealing the culinary weakness of the First Family, US President Barack Obama has told kids that he "loses his mind" over chips and guacamole.

While the First Lady loves French fries, her daughters - Malia and Sasha - love ice cream, pie and sushi, Obama told kids invited for the annual Kids Dinner at the White House.

As many as 54 kids winners of the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge, a national recipe contest that is part of the Let`s Move! Promotion of healthy lunches, attend the unique Kids State Dinner at the White House.
Among the winners was Rajen Dey, 11, from North Carolina for his Yummy and Healthy Kati Roll.

Tess Boghossian, 11, Illinois, won for her state with "Lincoln`s Inaugural Soup," which she said is made with vegetables, quinoa and chicken. She said the soup is similar to what Lincoln had at his inaugural "except healthier."

Elena Hirsch, 11, won for Michigan with "Barack-oli and Mich-room Obama-lette." She told reporters that it took her five days to come up with the first family-themed names.
Malia was a toughie she said, but she came up with "Car-Malia-ized" onions.

Hosted by the First Lady, Barack Obama made a surprise appearance at the Kids Dinner.

"Each of us (members of the First Family) have our weaknesses, so I`m going to reveal some right now. Malia, ice cream. I mean, basically, it`s very hard for her to turn down ice cream. But she has learned to kind of control herself when it comes to ice cream," he said.
Sasha, he said, likes Sushi and pie.

"She`s like me. My big thing - chips and guacamole. Basically if there is a bowl of good chips and guacamole...I lose my mind. And the First Lady -- French fries," he said amidst laughter from the audience.

Immediately thereafter, the First Lady vowed to take a break from French fries.

"I`m making a vow - I`m going to take a break from French fries," Michelle said. "Wow, that`s big," said Obama.

"We`re just all trying to develop good habits. And the one thing I know about all these young people is they`ve got great work habits, because, otherwise, they wouldn`t have been able to do everything that they`ve done," he said.

"They`ve got great habits of caring about other people, because they`re out there spreading the word about what they`re doing. And as a consequence, I`m really optimistic about what all these great young leaders are going to achieve in the future," Obama said.

One of the dishes especially mentioned by Michelle was `Around the World in One Bite` by Lucy Fairhead, 8, from Kentucky.

"She (Lucy) made a pocket with sweet potatoes and kale.? She describes her dish as a combination of an Indian samosa, a Spanish empanada and an Asian spring roll. And what Lucy says, `It`s like going around the world in one bite`," Michelle said.

In her remarks, the First Lady urged kids to spread the message of healthy living.