The Vatican opens its fabled secret archive

The Vatican is full of mysteries and great architecture.

Zeenews Bureau

Vatican City: The Vatican is full of mysteries and great architecture. The Tower of the Winds, built between 1578 and 1580 by Ottavinao Mascherino is a sanctum in which most of the mortals cannot even fathom to enter.

One of the jaw dropping facts of the Tower of Winds is that it has more than fifty miles of shelves and books as rare as the religion of Christianity goes. The more common explanation comes from the fact that this is the fabled secret archive of the Vatican.
Containing the most enigmatic collection of documents, the entry to the place is as rare as the election of a new Pope and many a scholar have spent applying for a visit their entire lives, only to be turned down over and over again.

However, it would be nice to note that now the Vatican Secret Archive is secret no more. This is because the archive was fully explored by a zealous Belgian publisher called Paul Van den Heuve. He was supposedly given a three day access to the vault and he scourged through a wide range of documents that went back to as far back as the eighth century.
Notably, the scholar has not been allowed to go through any documents after 1939, perhaps due to their relevance in today’s world as the second World War did scar the church to some extent, apart from the documents of pedophile cardinals who might still be alive.

One of the things that have come across is that the church’s role in many of the age old controversies like the Spanish Inquisition, The Case of Heretics and the Mary-Jesus relationship was minimal and only positive. A hard thing to believe for many of the supporters of Dan brown like conspiracy theorists.

What finally comes out of the Vatican Vaults is something that entices millions, but one thing is safe to say - The world will surely like the church to be more transparent as far as the truth about their past is concerned.

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